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Mob Techniques

Mob Attacks

Mobs Always Have:
1 Tricky Technique
1 Weapon
1 Passive
2 Techniques


Tricky: 15 techs
Shunshin - teles mob behind their target
Kawarimi - teles mob somewhere within 10 tiles and leaves kawarimi in his place (invis mob for while)'
Sozo Saisei - heals mob by 10% of his hp
Karasu Bunshin - makes bunshin of mob somewhere within 10 tiles
Kaijukai Korin - makes 5x5 area that paralyzes anyone near
Suisho Ro - Freezes target in crystal, freeze has 10k hp to break away
Kazangan Gusoku - leaves fire trails behind him, these last for minute
Taigyoku - Shield that bleeds anyone 1 tile close, lasts 5 seconds mob can move with it
Netsugen - Shield that burns anyone 1 tile close, lasts 5 seconds mob can move with it
Gogyo Fuuin - halves stats of target within 3 tiles
Tenrou - effect applied if target within 3 tiles
Suikoudan - level 5
Sharingan Counter - shields mob for 5 seconds
Bansho Tenin - pulls target towards mob
Preta Absorb - any jutsu hit user during 5 seconds heals him instead of damage

Weapon: 10 techs
Kunai - as it is
Shuriken - as it is
Senbon - as it is
Windmill Shuriken - as it is
Caltrops - these last 1 minute before dissapearing
Yellow Flash Kunai - teleports mob after kunai gone 5 tiles forward or hits something
Asuma wind knives - throws very fast projectile
Asuma fire knives - throws 3 tile fire projectile
Kage Shuriken - throws 3 tiles of shurikens instead of 1
Tag Kunai - throws kunai with tag, explodes on contact

Passives: 10 techs
Tsumabeni - all shurikens automaticly are in flames
Kamikaze - pushes opponents away when punched
Fuusoku - chance to shoot back projectile that hits mob
Hiraishin - if this mob is punched player gets damaged
Domu - halves damage mob takes
Jiton - makes immune to metal techs (and shoots kunais and stuff back)
Chakra No Mesu - Increases damage, may screw with enemys movement
White Fang Tanto - Increases damage, bleed effect on hit
Green Beast Weights - moves 2 tiles at once
CS/Bijuu/SM - when he dies he turns into this, doubles stats and regains 50% of his hp

Techniques: 20 techs
Meiton - absorbs all jutsus hit and shoots beam after 5 seconds
Jukai Koutan - Shoots 3 lines of trees from mobs sides and infront
Mokujoheki - surrounds 10 tiles with wood leaves corners empty so mob can walk away from it
Hyoton: Hissatsu Hyoso - 3 tile wave of ice which leaves trail behind
Yokai no Jutsu - Shoots 7 tile wide projectile
Renpa - Shoots 5 projectiles in wave formation
Shinnetsu - Shoots 2 boiling balls from sides of user, leaves enemy burned
Konoha Senpuu - 1 tile AoE around user
Multi Shikomishidan - Shoots 3 tile wide Projectile, on hit poisons enemy
Housenka - level 5
Endan - 3x3 projectile
Mizudeppou - level 5
Daipakufu - level 5
Teppodama - level 5
Doryuo Dango - level 5
Doryuu Taiga - level 5
Gian - level 5
Juha Shou - level 5
Tatsu No Ooshigoto - level 5
Daitoppa - level 5
[Image: Indigo-ItachiSig.png]
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Sounds epic, would make the game a lot more interesting rather than just face rolling all the current non-boss mobs. Nice work Indi ;D
[Image: fairy_tail___zeref_by_invisibleexplorer-d4ypkx9.jpg]

I was thinking Indigo, that the rogues,the critters, etc has there own type of attacks andresistance to them

Snake target attacks players, because in real life would a snake jsut ignore a person? they cause poison.

Wolf- Causes bleed

frogs causes stuns


Rogues- Can use either use a fire projectile, Tsumabeni, Doryuo Dango level 2 or 3 like you said, Mizurappa,Juha Shou, lvl 3 Gian.

The village Shinobi
each has there native element techniques

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