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Zetsu Special

Zetsu Special


Mayfly is Zetsu's infiltration technique.
Effect: invisible and increased movement speed (Mei Mei is similar, but you still only walk normal movement speed in Mei Mei)
Secondary Effect: Can allow a parasite clone to walk on any tile (can be on walls,trees, etc) while being invisible. (Izanagi already lets you move on tiles like this)
Chakra cost: free on clones. 200 per second on character.

Parasite Clone:

Splits your character to make a complete copy of your character which you can control and move (Base is white zetsu instead of normal base)
Has all the stats of your main, and you can control the clone and talk while your main is safely hidden.
Dies from one hit.
BONUS: If user has Mokuton he can create a paraite clone of any other player. that controls and has all the techs of that character.(Copies elements, specials, etc. but doesnt copy items or doujutsu.) (This parasite clones take 5 hits to die)
NOTE: Parasite clone does not take aggro from NPC's of any kind

Regeneration Ability:

If user has Mokuton they unlock Regeneration. This lets the main player regenerate 500 chakra every 2 seconds while they have a parasite clone is active.

Spore Technique:

User can place a spore on another player (Similar to how PNB and Kunai tag work to tag someone) and after 30 seconds the user starts to drain 50 chakra per second from the other player for 20 seconds. IF it is used again, the spore Expands. Stealing 500 chakra and slowing the target down for 5 seconds.

Zatsu Substitution Technique:

This basically lets the Zetsu henge a player, and lasts untill dispelled. with no chakra cost
When the user has Mokuton, this skill can be used with Parasite clone to make a compleat copy of another player with stats, elements, specials (aside from doujutsu and items)

Body Coating Technique:

Can be used offensivly. 3x1 tiles infront (foward and diag) Black zetsu/player can grab onto another player, and hold them in place as they deal 250 health and chakra damage per second to the target, who is frozen. lasts for 5 seconds and the total health and chakra (2500) is given to the user as health.

If the user has Medic. They can attach their black cells onto another player to passivly heal them by 800 health a second untill dispelled, or the target is released. (both players cannot move while this is active) Costs 1500 chakra on start. Lasts 5 seconds unless turned off early.

Unique Body (Zetsu Passives)

Immunity to Tsukiyomi and Sharingan Freeze.

Doujutsu that show an overlay (Sharingan and byakugan) dont put a overlay to show zetsu characters.

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