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Fighting Styles

I was thinking that what if each village has its own form of taijutsu or fighting style, like how Shira of suna has taijutsu different from lee and how cloud has killer bee and Ay, have nin taijutsu, or how Mist has silent killing style and rock has rock based taijutsu, not sure how rock would do, have to refer to the recent english dub anime to see, just an idea.

well i could aswell start doing idea for this

Iwagakure Ryuu: 1.5x, knockback
Sunagakure Ryuu: 1.2x, bleed on hit
Konohagakure Ryuu: 1.3x, cripple on hit
Kumogakure Ryuu: 1.2x, very fast attack speed
Kirigakure Ryuu: 1.3x, teleport to different spot around enemy after each punch (so you punch from front you can appear at enemy back or side / punch from side you can appear at back, front or other side)
[Image: Indigo-ItachiSig.png]

awesome thanks

I like this, but I don't think it should be anything quite that drastic. I think it'll take away from the fighting styles currently in the game unless handled correctly. Sad

I do like though, we could replace the basic fighting style with each village's style Smile

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