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Seperate Genjutsus

Seperate Genjutsus these are solo moves that arent connected to genjutsu system (they can be broken only by hitting user)
150 gen Henge: make chakra drain instead of time, you can also choose to henge an object instead of person (from few selected objects)
150 gen Bunshin: bunshin moves with user (1 tile between user and bunshin) bunshins are just "ghosts" you can switch place with bunshin by using bunshin jutsu again when its active bunshins arent dense and cannot be killed, only way to break the jutsu is to hit user
2000 gen Move Bunshin: the user creates a genjutsu clone that walks straight in a line, as the user becomes invisible
2500 gen Chakra Ghost: makes 5 clones within 5x5 area of user that move along with user, but these clones have chakra vision icon on top of them that confuses sage/doujutsus
3000 gen Hide Handsigns: dont show handsigns of next jutsu you do
3500 gen Duplicate Projectile: if you use it when projectile is in air there will appear 5 fakes with it, fakes go through everything without damaging
4000 gen Duplicate Item: if you have tag or caltrop on ground it makes 20 fakes 7x7 area around it in random pattern, fakes go through everything without damaging
4500 gen Mirror Bunshin: makes bunshin that mirrors users movement main purpose to confuse opponent which is real one after every time user and copy walk over each other
5000 gen-Fake Position: makes it look like the user is a 2 tiles away from their actual location
5500 gen Fake Death: when jutsu is used, the user marks the location. the next time they take damage, they are teleport back to the marked point, and a false death message will appear
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