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Obito Sharingan

Obito Sharingan could be Uchiha Special (kinda like shisui but rarer)
Jikukan Ido
change box into target, if target within 1 tile it teles them, if not teles user
cannot use when in Yokeru (on others or himself)
cannot use on NPCs
Chakra take: 1000 chakra
make dimension area bigger
make tobi/obito NPC that walks around dimension and lets people out who talks to him

Jikukan Ido (summon)
Chakra take: 1000 chakra

Jikukan Yokeru
make so people cannot do jutsus/rest when intangible
make cooldown so that each second its held adds 3 seconds into cooldown will be (max 30 sec consecutive time)
make so user cant walk through objects but can walk through people and jutsus (to reduce the abuse this is capable of, or atleast make new density turf that effects also obito tech)
Chakra take: 500 chakra
Chakra drain: 200 chakra per second

with this you can click on map and it makes dimension rift which sucks every jutsu that hits it
if clicked on top of person it hurts (has chance rip some part off) this can be used 5 times with single MS usage,
to use after that you need turn MS off and turn it on
Cost: 1000 Chakra cost, 500 hp
Cooldown: 1 minute
[Image: Indigo-ItachiSig.png]

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