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Amour and Scroll enhancements

ok amour will come in 3 rarities Common,Rare,Epic with also a chance
to have a socket on the gear all amour have a chance to get 1 of these
on it
types of gears
vest - these gears will show no icon on the player when worn only on the floor when droped (only drops from boss mobs)

common gear- 15% chance to find
rare gear - 5% chance to find
epic gear - 2% chance to find - when drop on floor common will be dull ,rare will have a blue aura around it,epic will hav a purple aura
1-2 sockets(5% chance to find a gear with a socket)

reduction,chakra ,health,crit,dodge

common gear will have the lowest of there 3 and only gets
1 of the 3 by random so example

you found a common hood with a 2% dmg reduction common gear
dmg reduction is random between 1% -5% so u can find a gear
with 1 2 3 or 5 % there chakra is random from 50 base extra -
100 base extra same for health,or 1-5 crit buff or 1-5 dodge buff

Rare gear this is better than common because it comes with (2)
stats and the reduction,health,chakra bases are higher compare
to common gear

example you found a rare tunic with 6% damage deduction and 150 base extra health with 1 socket
note: reduction will always be on gear once so the nxt 1 is randomize between hp and chakra base buff,crit or dodge
so rare gear ranges are
damage reductions chances u can get on the gear : 6%-10% health base buff: 150-250 chakra :150-250 crit:5-10 dodge: 5-10

k Epic has a chance to get 3 of the stats/buffs so note again dmg reduction can only show up once on a gear the rest can
show up multiple times so you found a epic gear 15% dmg reduction 500 health base buff 300 health base buff (u can even find
a gear with no dmg reduction with pure health buff but only reduction can only show up once)

ranges: dmg reduction ranges for epic gear 10%-20% health :300-600 base chakra :300-600 base crit 10-20 dodge:10-20

note: effects only work when gear is equpied if you remove the gear the effects are removed

Sockets are space in th egear where u can find scrolls to give yourself abilities on your gear you will be able to do so
by right clicking the ability scroll hitting use then clicking a gear with a socket thats in ur inventory must unequip before socketing
if the gear doesnt have a socket it will thus tell u to click another gear that has 1

scroll enhancements: 5% chance of 1 dropping when killing a boss mob(once the scroll is place on the gear the only way to remove it is by using another orb on the gear
it will thus ask are you sure this action will delete an destroy the current scroll on the gear hit yes the scroll is remove from the gear then all u have to do is place
it on .

Doton resistance scroll: reduces a extra 5% dmg from doton moves
Raiton resistance scroll:reduces a extra 5% dmg from Raiton moves
Suiton resistance scroll:reduces a extra 5% dmg from Suiton moves
Poison resistance scroll: reduce a extra 5% dmg from poison moves
slow resistance scroll: reduces slow time by 1 second
Brun resistance scroll: reduces burn dmg by 2%

drop rate lvl ranges : you must be in these lvl ranges when killing these mobs in other to have a chance for it to drop other wise
it wont so if ur lvl 51 killing anything below zetsu an hashirama it wont drop lvl 101 killing anything below indi bj an roco nothing will drop

Rock lee - if your lvl 1-16

Dosu - if your lvl 16-20

Sasuke & kabuto - 20-25

hanzo 26-29

Orochimaru - 30-35

mu & Kisame - 36-50

Zetsu,Hashirama 51 - 100

Dark Indigo,Copiest Bj ,Sage Roco 101 -150
[Image: d873f1d6-ac8f-4eb3-87db-9f510bbc4c8f_zpss8jwt9uy.png]

leave feed back an ideas
[Image: d873f1d6-ac8f-4eb3-87db-9f510bbc4c8f_zpss8jwt9uy.png]


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