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Tutorial Play Tutorial

[Image: Oc2CmVM.png]
First you start in tutorial in here you must do few things
- ctrl+left click on iruka and choose your name
- head to room above, and kill 3 critters by using attack (F-key)
- after killing critters use your stat points
- ctrl+left click on iruka again
- go into Character/Skill Tree/General and buy henge, bunshin and kawarimi skills
- either double click or use auto target to target iruka, then use henge
- after succesfull henge, use bunshin and kawarimi once
- ctrl+left click on special missions jounin
- defeat hayate
- ctrl+click on special missions jounin again and you will end tutorial and can choose your clan

[Image: HDM0pSL.png]
[Image: GYIFs0U.png]
Non Clan: on this you will have no clan jutsus at all, but you have higher chance get something special
Jashin: Can take any blood on ground, and all damage you take within circle goes to cursed person
Aburame: You click on your screen to control your bugs by mouse doing damage to anything that they touch.
Akimichi: You use strong Taijutsu attacks to do severe damage to your enemy.
Inuzuka: You use a dog to aid you in your fights
Nara: You control a shadow with arrow keys
Kaguya: You use the bones from your body in multiple close range techniques
Hyuuga: with its chakra stealing fightning style Jyuken and its byakugan which gives wider screen range
Uchiha: You use a sharingan to help you defeat your opponents
Yamanaka: this allows you to control anything you hit with your invisible projectiles
Hoshigaki: Ninjutsu clan that has few water based techniques
Samurai: Samurais dont have element jutsus but they get their armor
Senju: Create your own clan jutsus, 1 taijutsu, 2 projectiles, 2 waves, 1 controllable, 1 AoE
Uzumaki: Ways to seal targets movement or jutsu useage
Kamizuru: Uses bees that automatically home towards target
Clay Molder: Multiple projectiles that all can be exploded midair

After clan is chosen you finish making your character and spawn in village's academy.

Now we can start game itself
You start off as a level 5 Academy Student
You're very restricted at this rank so there is not much you can do.
When you are ready for exam just take it, there is no timer or anything, you can do exam whenever you want

right click on top of exam paper in every academy
and choose “Genin Test”
you will become a Genin and receive a headband and your first element.
[Image: QEpHJ2h.png]

like in tutorial, you gain 5 points every level that you can distribute points in commands/distribute points
but now that you are genin you also can use commands/skill tree in here you gain elemental techniques, each level you get 2 points

Know Your Village
I suggest you to now do Quest Book Stuff that you are able to
[Image: IDgkOyN.png]
-open quest book above your health bar
-go outside academy and kill one critter
-distribute stat points
-open general skill tree
-reach level 5
-in skill tree click Throw and choose macro for shuriken
-use bunshin and kawarimi
-use henge
-speak to teacher and choose "i am ready to become genin"
-open skill tree and choose your element skill tree and buy the 1st move, also macro the first move
-open general tree and buy Kai

You should now Exit Academy and next thing you should do is find Kage House of your village, at same you might aswell get to know your village layout and where shops are
every village has:
Academy: Here you take genin test, restat your points, gain your profession
Hospital: Here you will respawn always when you die
Bank: Here is banker who you can give your money, you should do this as each death you lose some money
Tools: Here is Weapon Salesman he sells Shurikens, Kunais, Senbons, Exploding Tags, Caltrops
Shop: Here is Salesman he sells clothes and accressories, from him you should buy weights to increase exp you gain each kill
Misc: Here is Vet, Inuzukas will be needing this person alot, Barber who will change your icon (Hair, Eyes, Skin) and Chef who will sell you pills and food (NOTE: in konoha chef resides in ramen shop)
[Image: WBWYemQ.png]

Becoming Chuunin
Now that you are genin you won’t need to worry about level caps anymore, as academy student is only rank with caps. Now first step after genin is to buy weights if you havent already

Now our next target is Chuunin Rank, for chuunin we need to be 15 lvl and beat Rock Lee npc
i suggest you macro your first element jutsu if you havent already, jutsus have base damage and will do more damage than anything you can do for now
so even if you plan on being tai user, use that jutsu for training on start
so now we start by taking our first D rank mission from mission holder in kage house
you can either do D rank missions or just kill rogues outside villages until you get 10 lvl
[Image: EJQPjd8.png]

After you are done with your first D rank, kill one rogue ninja then kill one village ninja for the quest book
Keep doing D ranks or start killing Village Shinobis until you are 15, but don’t kill shinobis from same village as you or you will lose experience instead
[Image: R1l5ZDU.png]

when you are 15 lvl, we are ready to go for Rock Lee inside Forest of Death that resides in Academies
If rock lee will prove to be too hard for you, you may ask someone help at killing him

Rock Lee
-Located: in Forest of Death
-Stats: 12,000 hp and 1000 attack stats
-Attacks: Shuriken, Punch and Dynamic Entry (this makes lee hard, he can hit you once he sees you)
-Exp: 15,000 exp

After you kill Rock Lee, you need to enter the tower in middle of forest of death or die
My own tactic on Lee is that in beginning I put everything in Str and Spd so my tai will be high
I run to lee use punch and Shishi Rendan simultaneously, I will repeat this until Lee dies

After becoming a Chuunin and receive your second element.
[Image: lyNyivs.png]

Becoming Jounin

Ok Now that you are Chuunin our next target is to get Jounin, to get Jounin we need 20 lvl, you may get these 5 levels by doing C and B rank missions or killing samurais within iron country, trying kill lee multiple times or go into boss that’s one step harder than lee: Dosu Kinuta who also resides inside Forest of Death that resides in Academies
Dosu is attack wise easier than Rock Lee but he can take 4x more damage than Lee

Dosu Kinuta
-Located: in Forest of Death
-Stats: 50,000 hp and 3000 attack stats
-Attacks: Shuriken and Punch (slows on hit)
-Exp: 18,000 exp

also now you should open your clan skill tree, macro 5 jutsus (i personally like Character/Jutsu Macro Window) then open your second element tree
now next quest in quest book would be "claim your first bounty" but many people get stuck on here since bingo book is abit bugged, you can keep trying to get bounty mission and get forward

When you get 20 level you will automaticly get Jounin

After becoming a Jounin and receive your Profession from Sensei in academy.

As Jounin you learn very useful skill: Shunshin, with this move once you use it you can click on map and teleport into place you clicked, this move gives alot shortcuts as you can pass dense spots without running around them also all org bases need shunshin to access them

Medic: heal yourself or others at the cost of chakra, gets rid of any effects
Poison: passively poisons all your tools and few new poison moves dealing extra damage over time.
Fuuin: You can halve target stats, regain chakra at cost of hp and absorb jutsus
Kugutsu: You receive puppets to help you in fights
Taijutsu: gives style of attacking to deal severe damage. You can use the Hachimon to increase Taijutsu and speed
Weapon: passively you get more tools when you buy them, enhances your tool use, making stuff invisible, multiplying shuriken in air
Assassin: all hits you do to back of enemy is guaranteed crit, you can also cause bleed, poison and become invisible
[Image: GPoevU3.png]

[Image: a0j2BMg.png]
After reaching Jounin your main target will be getting your level higher and gain rest of jutsus

From 20-40 - Begin doing C/B/A rank missions or training on Snake Henchmen or Kabuto.

Snake Henchmen
-Located: in Orochimaru's Hideout (6 of em)
-Stats: 30,000 hp and 5000 attack stats
-Attacks: Shuriken and Punch
-Exp: 12,000 exp

-Located: in Sand Boss Area
Rank: Jounin
-Stats: 100,000 hp and 7500 attack stats
-Attacks: Shuriken and Punch
-Exp: 75,000 exp

From 40-50 - Begin doing A rank missions or training on Sasuke, Orochimaru or Hanzo.
-Located: in Cloud Boss Area
Rank: Jounin
-Stats: 250,000 hp and 10000 attack stats
-Attacks: Goukakyuu, Shuriken and Punch
-Exp: 140,000 exp

-Located: in Orochimaru's Hideout Boss Area
Rank: ANBU
-Stats: 300,000 hp and 12000 attack stats
-Attacks: Shuriken and Punch
-Exp: 250,000 exp

-Located: in Iron Boss Area
Rank: ANBU
-Stats: 500,000 hp and 15000 attack stats
-Attacks: Shuriken and Punch
-Exp: 350,000 exp
50 or 80 - Begin doing A/S rank missions, later on SS rank missions or training on Mu, Kisame or Hashirama
-Located: in Rock Boss Area
Rank: Boss
-Stats: 600,000 hp and 17000 attack stats
-Attacks: Shuriken and Punch
-Exp: 450,000 exp

-Located: in Mist Boss Area
Rank: Boss
-Stats: 700,000 hp and 20000 attack stats
-Attacks: Shuriken and Punch
-Exp: 550,000 exp

-Located: In Leaf Boss Area
Rank: Boss
-Stats: 850,000 hp and 23000 attack stats
-Attacks: Mokuton Homing, Blind, Shuriken and Punch
-Exp: 650,000 exp

80+ - Begin doing S/SS rank missions or training on Zetsu, Dark Indigo Shadow Khalid or Sage Roco
-Located: In Middle Top-Left Boss Area
Rank: ANBU
-Stats: 900,000 hp and 25000 attack stats
-Attacks: Mokuton Homing, Shuriken and Punch
-Exp: 850,000 exp

Copyist Bjisboss
-Located: In Mountains, Middle-Left Boss Area
Rank: ANBU
-Stats: 1,500,000 hp and 23000 attack stats
-Attacks: Shikomishindan, Shuriken and Punch
-Exp: 1,000,000 exp

Dark Indigo
-Located: In Rock Bottom-Mid Boss Area
Rank: ANBU
-Stats: 1,750,000 hp and 26500 attack stats
-Attacks: Goukakyuu, Shuriken and Punch
-Exp: 1,250,000 exp

Sage Roco
-Located: In Leaf Bottom-Left Boss Area
Rank: ANBU
-Stats: 2,000,000 hp and 30000 attack stats
-Attacks: Shuriken and Punch
-Exp: 1,550,000 exp

Shadow Khalid
-Located: In Rice Country, Top-Left Boss Area
Rank: ANBU
-Stats: 2,250,000 hp and 32500 attack stats
-Attacks: Shuriken, Shikomishindan and Punch
-Exp: 1,750,000 exp
And few more Ranks
Hunter Nin - Requirements for Hunter Nin are 200 missing kills and jounin.
ANBU - This is the second highest rank if your village has a kage already this is the highest you can go. ANBU can only be chosen by a kage there is no other way of getting this rank.
Kage – Requirment for kage is 45 level and test from admin/owner. Kages have the ability to banish people from their village as well as giving people ANBU and demoting people from ANBU. They are also able to make people senseis giving them squads

Or you can Leave Village and join Organizations

Akatsuki - leader + 9 members
Hawk - leader + 3 members
Seven Swordsmen of Mist - leader + 6 members

if organization doesnt have leader become one
requirments for member is completely up to organization leader

Requirment for Leader is 65 level and test from admin/owner, Need atleast 3 kages before leaders are appointed. Leaders have the ability to invite/kick people from their organization
[Image: Indigo-ItachiSig.png]
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