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Guide Traits

You will be born with a random trait - trait will only be shown to player at lvl 20(jounin rank) if not stated otherwise
75% chance to get general trait
25% chance to get village trait

Leaf Trait
Sand Trait
Mist Trait
Rock Trait
Cloud Trait
General Trait

Traits Tiered

Conductor absorbs all raiton moves boosting the damage of the users next used Raiton skill
Genius every lvl will gain 6 stat points and 3 jutsu points instead (3% chance to get)
Elementalist gains 3rd element tree
Workaholic - allows 2 professions (1% chance to get)

Sizzle any damage inflicted on the target will inflict burn
Sand Amour Reduces 10% of all nin damage
Shake off cannot be effected by slow or stun
Dust off 20% chance of blinding your enemies when you hit them with any move(last 3sec)
Rock Brace reduces 20% damage from tai moves
Quickest this player will level faster than others 50% perm exp boost
Hardworker 10% extra exp, halved mission cooldown
Weaponmaster does 10% extra damage with throwing tools
Taijutsu Master 10% extra damage with taijutsu moves
Chakra Specialist Jutsus will use 10% less chakra upon cast
Coagulate - immune to bleed
Mithridatism - immune to poison damage
Berserker - you gain 100 extra health for every point spent on stamina
Regeneration as long as the user has chakra he gains  200 hp every 2 seconds
Defeatist will not lose mission, exp or money upon death
Future sight - increases dodge by 15 and exp gain (5%)
Counter - you return some of the damage of physical attacks back at the attacker (20% chance to get)
Speed Master - halved handsign speed and maxed movement speed from start

Inferno all fire moves will do 10% more damage
Fired up When hit with a fuuton move the next katon move you use will be bossted by 15%
Wind slicer all wind moves will inflict bleed damage
Suiton Leech all suiton moves will Drain 2% of the targets chakra when landed
Suiton Master All suiton moves will inflict a Drowning effect upon the target damage base on a % of the usres nin
Hydrification 5% chance of any move phasing through you taking no dmg
Water Body Fire Moves will hit 60% less on the player but will take 40% more from raiton
Doton Focus all doton moves will get a 5% damage increase
Rock Skin 5% chance of Taking no damage from a move
Sensor will gain a hand held spy in there inventory they can click for info
Grisly wound - damaging enemy has a chance to apply bleed
Village hero Will gain double rep points

Will of fire 5% chance of reviving when about to die (only works once per death)
Home advantage All damage will be increased by 20% inside Leaf,Leaf forest and in the Forest of Death)
Fuuton Reflection 10% chance of reflecting incoming projectiles thats about to hit you
Surf Speed will Increase for few seconds when hit from any type of suiton move
Doton Asorbtion 10% chance of when being hit with a doton type move to absorb the damage into chakra
Shell Shock 5% chance of screwing your targets movements when landing a raiton move
Electrical Field 10% of zapping a incoming prjectile an reducing its damage by 15% before it hits you
Blast control Will take 50% less damage from exploding tags and deal 2x more damage with Exploding tags
Trap master will do 15% extra damage with (tags,caltraps and poisonbombs)
Survivalist lower your hp, higher your dodge
Prodigy Will Gain genin upon creation, Will rank up faster so u will need  for S rank for example (this  will be known even thought the user isnt jounin)
Greed Double money from mobs
Animal Slayer will do 30% more damage on Critters, Bijuus, Orochimaru, Jinchuurikis (this  will be known even thought the user isnt jounin)

Aura Upgrade When using Raiton Yoroi the user dodge rate will raise 70%
Area Pulse Cannot be tricke by bunshins or kawa
Drug Dealer get 50% discount on pills
Looter Takes extra money from a player that he kills
Hell spawn - you do a small aoe when you die based on half you health (3x3 AoE)
Basic Specialists trait Allow users to automatically have mastered bunshin, kawa, and henge upon creation.
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