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Jinchuuriki jutsus

basic jinchuriki jutsu: 

+ Bijuu Dama - shoots a 3x3 chakra ball to the location target was when jutsu was used (explodes in 7x7 when it reaches the location or on impact)

.:personal jutsu for jinchurikis 1-9:.
1 Sassandan - sand shigure from the user in 7 tiles wide heki (20/s CD)
2 Nezumi Kedama - shoots multiple blure fire balls to the location target was when the fire ball was released (shoots 10 blue fire balls shaped like a mouse,  45/s CD)
3 Daikaisuidan - shoots two giant 3x3 water balls in tessendan formation (pierce, 30/s CD)
4 Kakazan - releases lava in a wave that creates a 7x7 aoe around the user that does DPS (DPS like 4 pillars + burn, does not hurt user)
5 Tsunoori - Dashes 10 tiles leaving a steam trail for 10 sec, hitting someone will pull them along and damage them for each tile pulled as well (touching trail or getting hit causes burn, 30/s CD)
6 Hiruma - covers the users body in acid, allowing them to run through targets applyng DPS like a acid poison (30/s CD)
7 Mushikui - dashes 10 tiles hitting everything 1 tile close to the user (like tsumabeni, 20/s CD)
8 Bijuu Hachimaki - user creates a giant twister forming a shield like kaitan, pushing back people in 7x7 and damaging them for each tile bushed back (30/s CD)
9 Renzoku Bijuu Dama - rapid fires 2x2 mini bijuu damas in housenka fromation that explodes in 3x3 on impact (20/s CD)
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