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Taijutsu Specialist Rework/Upgrade:

1. Konoha Senpuu - the user spins kicking anything in a 3x3 aoe for 7 sec (can move around for the duration, but not use anything else)
               - Gouken (fighting style) - Increases punch damage, punch speed and crit rate (unlocks when first tai spec move is obtained)
2. Dynamic Entry - 7 tile dash with damage and knock-back on hit
3. Konoha Shoufuu - knocks any weapon out of targets hand (all equipped weapons)
4. Konoha Otoshi - 3x2 aoe hit infront of the user
5. Hitori Omote Renge - damage 3x3, knock-back 5x5
6. Hachimon Tonkou - Gates, stay as it is, just need to figure out the bug that causes crash
               - Omote Renge - needs to be in 1st gate+, and behind their target to use this jutsu. binds and slams target into the ground (heavy damage, slow after hit for both target and user)
               - Ura Renge - need to be in 3rd gate+, works from any direction. user shots a bandage projectile, if it hits target is frozen for the 5 hits, 5 hits like swift style
               - Asakjaku - need 6th gate+, click jutsu, punch someone to trigger jutsu, 10 punches, burn, shoots fireballs in cone behind target
               - Hirudora - need 7th gate+, controllable 3x3, multi-hit, burn on hit
               - Sekizou - after opening all 8 gates, users punch becomes a 3x3 projectile
               - Yagai - all 8 gates open, forms a 5x5 red dragon around the user, fast straight line projectile, damage = users max HP 1.5x, reduces user time by 10 sec

7. Kage Buyou - TP behind their target (needs to be within 5x5 of user, 45 sec CD)
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