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SSM Swords Mastered Rework/Upgrade

+ Kubikiribouchou - passive. hits the 3 tiles infront of user.   increase damage by 1k for each player kill, resets on user death
          - Dantou Ninpou: Hisenken (active) - throw the sword 7 tiles, then it boomerangs back to the user (can hit on both ways)

+ Samehada - passive. chakra steal/absorb on slash, hits 3x2 infront of user
         - Daitou Ninpou: Suirou Sameodori (active) - creates a chakra absorb shield around the user, being within 5x5 aoe of user when this jutsu is active absorbs chakra from enemies and gives it to the user (chakra shield absorbs jutsus like path chakra shield 500/s drain)

+ Nuibari - passive. bleed on slash 100%
          - Choutou Ninpou: Jigumo Nui (active) - needles stitching, leaves trail, touching trail will damage and bleed, getting hit by the head works like it does now

+ Kabutowari - passive. double hit, shield breaker (destroys HP shields instantly and ignores damage reduction)
          - Dontou Ninpou: Daichi Hadou (active) - earth wave, leaves trail for 30 sec, stepping on trail damages enemies and slows

+ Shibuki - passive. explode on every slash 100% , even without hitting someone, explodes in cone formation
          - Bakutou Ninpou: Happa Rokujuushi (active) - 3 tiles wide exploding heki wave with high damage, knock back

+ Kiba - passive. fires lightning bolt every slash
          - Raitou Ninpou: Raiga (active) - fires 3 bolts of lightning that fly towards the spot target was when jutsu was used, need to mark target by hitting with swords passive, mark disappears after this jutsu is used

+ Hiramekarei - passive. damage =  1/2 users max chakra
          - Daisouken Ninpou: Keitai Henka (active) - stance switch, 4 stances, different effects, click to rotate between forms

.:Hiramekarei Froms:.
- default - Wide slash; left,front,right

- twin sword - no slash delay

- hammer - 3x3 aoe infront of user

- long sword - increase reach by 4 tiles
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  • Just Dre

why give choises xD
- increase damage by 1k for each player kill, resets on user death
- Daitou Ninpou: Suirou Sameodori (active) - chakra absorb shield (like path chakra shield, 500/s drain)

i dont like kiba's jutsu, we dont need homings ingame xD

the boomerang effect would it be like it travels 10 tiles then homes back to the user?
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