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Guide Official Guide

Rule Book:
Here are the rules, not following them will result in: Warning, jailing, temp ban and then permanent banning.

1. Do not Target Those Who Don't Fight Back
-killing person who doesnt fight back, over 3 times within 30 minutes
-missions are excluded, if its mission you can do it
-if person fights back or kills you this is nullified
2. Don't AFK kill
-do not kill anyone with afk sign
-excluded if person walks or talks with AFK sign
-do not use AFK sign if your not AFK
3. Only English and dont speak in CAPITAL LETTERS
-this includes OOC/Emote/Village Say
-this rule isnt't in effect if nobody else can see it so whisper is always allowed
-normal Say is also mostly allowed, though try not bother others too much
4. Do not kill anyone within the safezone
-do not use any kind of jutsu in safe zone or into safe zone (no jutsu at all, boosts ect included)
-do not attack then go inside safe zone, once you attack stay out
-though if you do actually kill and PvP ends you can go back to SZ
5. You're only allowed 2 keys
-Main and Alt key, meaning 6 characters available for single person
-if you have more GM can ban other keys leaving just 2 of his choice, !his choice! meaning you might lose your best ones
8. Don't Bug Abuse
-if you find bug, report it!, and reporting isnt just saying it in OOC, gms might not see this (this can award you few levels depending how big it is)
-if you find bug and reported it. that doesnt mean you can use that bug till its fixed
-using bug for your own gain may have serious concequences depending how bad bug it is, wiping your character or banning isnt too farfetched in these cases
9. Don't be rude
-keep the pointless arguments minimal
-racism and religious talks are not allowed
-especially from OOC if you argue do it in say or whisper and not bother others
-if it gets too heated GM will mute both/all arguers after that when mute goes away, saying single thing about it will cause you be muted again (argument wont be given any space to continue)

NOTE: This is PvP game By its core you cannot complain if you are killed, if you dont like fighting spend time in safezones and escape rather than fight back (rule #1)
General Info:
[Image: 2mGBycb.png]
1 = here are all your stats
2 = here is chat log, everything that’s spoken can be seen here
3 = here is action log, everything that happens can be seen here
4 = here are tabs, by clicking these you will have access to different verbs
5 = here is your inventory, every item you get appears here

the most important tab is the Character tab
[Image: MFXTylg.png]

the second most important tab is the Map tab, in there you will find minimap that will show you where you are and where everything is
this only works outside and within villagers, doesnt work within buildings or in seperate boss areas

Distribute Points: in here you can put your points you get 5 points every level
one stat needs points in 2 things for perfect result
Health = Strength and Stamina
Chakra = Intelligence and Stamina
Taijutsu = Strength and Speed
Ninjutsu = Intelligence and Speed
Genjutsu = Dexterity and Intelligence

Skill Tree: this opens box with all skill trees available for you
everyone gets General and possible Clan Skill trees from start
Elemental Skill Trees at genin and chuunin
Profession Skill Tree at jounin

Elemental Skill Trees use Jutsu Points, you get 2 of these each level
Every other Skill Tree unlocks technique in it when you meet the requirements, you can see requirement by clicking on technique
note you gotta click the jutsu to learn it, so rank jutsus like shishi rendan and shunshin are easily forgotten in general tree

Create Macro:
[Image: Z5BHzuS.png]
In here you can make macros suited for that single slot you are using, you can have own macros for each character TIP! It might be easier to make universal macros still on the byonds own macro system, stuff like rest, world say, say ect macros you want to stay same on every character

Jutsu Macro Window
[Image: qtZJC7B.png]
Every single technique you obtain will appear here, and can be macroed by clicking on the selected technique

Here is guide that goes through entire game, giving you tips and showing you where to train at what level

There are many ways to learn jutsus in the game. learning a profession when you reach Jounin at level 20, elements, clan jutsus etc.
Sharingan is obtained by being in a life or death situation. It'll have a random chance of saving you when you're about to die, once it's awakened you can use it whenever you want.

In this game you will get 2 out of the 5 elements which are:

Fuuton (Wind)
Katon (Fire)
Doton (Earth)
Suiton (Water)
Raiton (Lightning)

Your first element can be obtained once you reach Genin and your second element will be learnt at Chuunin.

In this game elements have advantages over each other, in clash element that beats gains damage of the element that was beaten
[Image: 180?cb=20091021202844]

Every level you gain two jutsu points. These jutsu points can be used to unlock your elemental jutsus which can be found by clicking on the skill tree in your command tab.

Each element consists of seven jutsus, one of which is a starter jutsu which originally costs two jutsu points to unlock and the other six are split evenly in to offensive and tactical jutsus.
Every elemental jutsu in your skill tree has five levels with each level being stronger in some way than the previous one.
However, as your jutsu level increases the amount of chakra used & jutsu points required to unlock the next level also increases.
Careful with how you spend your points, although you may be able to unlock every jutsu you won't be able to master all of them

Your first element has 80% probablility to go according to what village you were put in, for example if you're born in Leaf you're most likely to have Katon as your first element and if you're born in Mist you're most likely to have Suiton as your first element. Your second element is completley random.

More Detailed Information About Jutsus In The Elements See This Thread
Techniques Ingame:
More Information About Techniques You Can Learn Here
you choose clan in start after tutorial and gain stats automaticly when requirement is reached, requirements are small max 3500 needed of single stat
Uchiha(Nin&Gen) - You use a sharingan to help you defeat your opponents
Hyuuga(Tai&Nin&Chakra) - with its chakra stealing fightning style Jyuken and its byakugan which gives wider screen range
Akimichi(Tai) - You use strong Taijutsu attacks to do severe damage to your enemy.
Nara(Nin&Chakra) - You control a shadow with arrow keys
Yamanaka(Nin&Gen) - this allows you to control anything you hit with your invisible projectiles
Aburame(Nin&Chakra) - You click on your screen to control your bugs by mouse doing damage to anything that they touch.
Kaguya(Tai&Nin) - You use the bones from your body in multiple close range techniques
Inuzuka(Tai&Nin) - You use a dog to aid you in your fights
Samurai(Int&Tai) - you use bunch of strong close range techniques
Jashin Follower(Tai) - you use blood and circle to curse your enemy
Hoshigaki(Tai&Nin&Chakra) - you use water as your weapon and can transform to fishman
Clay Moulder(Nin&Chakra) - you may shoot clay around and explode them when you wish
Uzumaki(Nin&Chakra) - use chains and seals to hinder your opponent
Kamizuru(Nin) - you use bee's to chase and damage opponents, you can also shoot their stingers
Chinoike(Nin&Gen) - allows you to use blood as health or use it as your weapon
Clanless(Any) - you get 40% chance to get special, but if you dont get special you get nothing at all
you choose profession when you reach jounin rank, to get techniques get stats and automaticly gain them when requirement is reached, requirements are small max 3500 needed of single stat
Kugutsu(Nin&Tai) - You receive puppets to help you in fights
Poison Expert(Nin) - poison your enemies with new moves dealing extra damage over time.
Medic(Tai&Nin&Gen&Chakra) - heal yourself or others at the cost of chakra, gets rid of any effects
Fuuin Specialist(Nin&Gen) - You can halve target stats, store chakra and absorb jutsus
Taijutsu Expert(Tai)  - gives style of attacking to deal severe damage. You can use the Hachimon to increase Taijutsu and speed NOTE: Cant be chosen by Hyuugas, Akimichis, Kaguyas or Inuzukas
Assassin(Tai) - you have bunch of sneaky attacks and ways to poison or bleed your opponent

Eternal/Mangekyou Sharingan Have Secret Reqs, Don't Ask For Them.

There Are Specials In The Game, You're Born With Them If You're Lucky. The Specials Are...

- 'Perfect' Sage Mode
- 'Imperfect' Sage Mode
- 'Snake' Sage Mode
- Rinnegan
- Iron Sand
- Sand Control
- Half Sharingan
- Multi Sharingan
- Meiton
- Jiton
- Kakuzu
- Spider
- Gold Dust
- Sand
- Tenseigan

There Are Also Element Fusions In The Game...
Fuuton + Doton = Jinton (Dust Release)
Fuuton + Suiton = Hyouton (Ice Release)
Fuuton + Raiton = Jinton (Swift Release)
Doton + Suiton = Mokuton (Wood Release)
Katon + Doton = Yoton (Lava Release)
Suiton + Raiton = Ranton (Storm Release)
Suiton + Katon = Futton (Boil Release)
Raiton + Doton = Shoton (Crystal Release)

There are also element extensions in game. The element extensions are kind of like specials theres a small chance you'll get one. What extension you get depends on your elements.

Katon's extension - Shakuton (Scorch)
Doton's extension - Bakuton (Explosion)
Raiton's extension - Kuro Raiton (Black Lightning)
Sution's extension - Shabondama (Bubbles)
Fuuton's extension - Shinkuton (Vaccuum)

Other special stuff which can be won are...
-Hiraishin Kunai
-White Fangs Tanto
-Green Beast Weights
-Asuma's Chakra Blades
-Many S rank jutsus
-Samurai Character

NOTE: Special, element extensions, fusions etc can also be donated for or won in tournaments. However some clans may not have some specials even if you win it, e.g Uchiha's and Hyuuga's can not have Rinnegan or other major specials such as Sage mode since they have a doujutsu already. A new character can always be made for the special you have won though.


Genin - Do The Test And 3 Kawarimis, Bunshins And Henges Then Level Up **Must Be Level 5** (Learn Your First Element)
Chuunin - Defeat Rock Lee At Level **15+** (Learn Second Element)
Jounin - Level **20** (At This Level You Can Select A Profession)
Hunter - **200** Missing Kills And Jounin Rank
ANBU - Ask your Kage
Kage/Leader - Get To Level **65** And Ask Staff For A Test, Or If Theres Already A Leader/Kage, Defeat Them **(Must Be In The Same Org/Village To Challenge)**
The Kage Cannot Be Challenged For 3 Days After They Recieve Their Position
Custom Jutsus:

After reaching certain requirements you will get a blank scroll. This blank scroll allows you to create your very own signature jutsu. You have a certain amount of testpoints using these testpoints you can choose whether you want your signature to be a ninjutsu or a taijutsu, you can put elements in it, choose what kind of attack it is etc. A more detailed guide is on the forums

More Detailed Info Here:


NOTE: in top bar there is map/minimap that will help navigating immensively
Each Country Map (Outside Village) goes to 5 different places
- Middle map, that connects to every Country Map
- Village itself
- 2 Other Outside Villages
- Boss Area

Country Maps make circle of
Leaf -> Cloud -> Rock -> Mist -> Sand -> Leaf

Iron Country - Three Wolves village is exception to this circle, it has entrances in Cloud, Rock and Middle Map

See Detailed Maps In Here
Capturing Areas

Flags will be located in boss Areas
walk to flag click it and u will be frozen for 2 minutes, if you move or attack it is canceled

Capturing the area gives you control of that map controlling village will recieve 10% more Exp and take 25% less damage and hit 15% more damage on that map village will recieve 10 vp points and the flag will be unabled to be captured for 30 mins after that it is able to be stolen from another village or org
the village will not lose the perks of capturing it until it is stolen if it gets stolen the village thus loses 20 vp if recapture by the village will gain a nxt 10 vp

Where the effects will take place when captured

Dosu and Lee boss area flag -Forest of death Map
Kabuto boss area flag - Desert Map
Sasuke boss area- Mountain map
Orochimaru boss area - Orochimaru's hideout and Hawk Base
Hanzo boss area - Iron Country
Kisame boss area flag - Island Map
Mu boss area flag - Cave Map
Hashirama boss area - Forest map
Shadow Khalid Boss area - Rice Country
Zetsu Boss Area - Middle map and Zetsu cave
Copyist Bjisboss boss area - Biji boss area and CTS/Feudal event maps
Dark indigo boss area - Indi boss area and Akatsuki base
Sage Roco Boss Area - SSM Base and Roco boss area
Village Reputation
you gain reputation for village by doing missions and winning wars
when one villages reputation gets to 500, he wins the reputation race, all reputations are reset
and village that won gains 20% more exp and halved prices from shops for 30 minutes

Death takes 1 reputation
D rank gives 1 reputation
C rank gives 2 reputation
B rank gives 4 reputation
A rank gives 6 reputation
S rank gives 8 reputation
SS rank gives 10 reputation
Kill leader during war gives 5 reputation
Winning war gives 25 reputation
How To Train
Important: In This Game You Must Double Click On Your Target First Before Using Certain Jutsus. For example homing jutsus and Henge

Do Missions:
you can take missions only from your own villages mission holder which resides in kage house of the village
for missing nin and organizations mission holder is scroll inside the main building of the missing village (same house spy resides)
D rank: 5000 exp and 1000 ryo
-Kill 20 Critters
-Investigate a selected village
-Kill 10 rogue ninjas
-kill 5 Village shinobi of selected village
-Collect information from the Spy
C rank: 10000 exp and 2500 ryo
-Kill Dosu
-Kill Rock Lee
-Investigate orchimaru hideout
B rank: 50000 exp and 5000 ryo
-Kill 4 Snake Henchman
-Kill Sasuke
-Kill Kabuto
-Investigate village kage house of selected village (will alert the selected village)
A rank: 200000 exp and 7500 ryo
-Kill given Target (player)
-Kill Hanzo
-Kill Orochimaru
-Steal the hidden Scroll from selected village
S rank: 500000 exp and 10000 ryo
-Kill Hashirama
-Kill Mu
-Kill Kisame
-Kill 2 players of anbu rank or above
S+ rank: 1000000 exp and 15000 ryo
-Kill Selected kage/org leader
-Kill 4 Jounins players
-Kill 2 Anbu Players
-Kill Copyist Bjisboss
-Kill Dark Indigo
-Kill Sage Roco
-Kill Shadow Khalid

Kill Critters (Little Wandering Animals) At The Start For Easy Small Amounts Of Exp!
[Image: HCzJyK9.png]
Kill Rogue Shinobis (Gives Less Exp Than Village Shinobis)
[Image: EJQPjd8.png]
Kill Village Shinobis
[Image: R1l5ZDU.png]
Kill Bosses (Each Boss Gives A Different Amount Of Exp)
[Image: a0j2BMg.png]

Or Kill Players (Exp Depends On Their Level)

Snake Henchmen - Gives 12k Exp
Lee - Gives 15k Exp
Dosu - Gives 18k Exp
Kabuto - Gives 75k Exp
Sasuke - Gives 140k Exp
ANBU - Gives 150k Exp
Orochimaru - Gives 250k Exp
Hanzo - 350k Exp
Mu - Gives 450k exp
Kisame - Gives 550k exp
Hashirama - Gives 650k Exp
Zetsu - Gives 850k Exp
Copyist Bjisboss - 1m Exp
Dark Indigo - Gives 1,25m Exp
Sage Roco - Gives 1,55m Exp
Shadow Khalid - Gives 1,75m

When You Level Up You Get 5 Points You Can Distribute Through Commands > Distribute Points.
When You Level Up You Get 2 Jutsu Points You Can Distribute Through Commands > Skill Tree.
Armor Drops

common gear - 15% chance to find, 1 property
rare gear - 5% chance to find, 2 properties
epic gear - 2% chance to find, 3 properties
sockets - 5% chance for gear to have socket and 50% chance whenever its 1 socket or 2 sockets
socket scroll: 5% chance to drop (once the scroll is placed on the gear the only way to remove it is by using another one on top of it)

Sockets allow you to use socket scrolls to give armor extra properties by using the scroll then clicking a gear with a socket that is in your inventory
[Element] resistance scroll: reduces a extra 5% dmg from [Element] moves
Poison resistance scroll: reduce a extra 5% dmg from Poison moves
Slow resistance scroll: reduces slow time by 1 second
Burn resistance scroll: reduces burn dmg by 2%

health - 50-100 / 150-250 / 300-600
chakra - 50-100 / 150-250 / 300-600
reduction - 1-3 / 3-6 / 6-10
crit - 1-3 / 3-6 / 6-10
dodge - 1-3 / 3-6 / 6-10

NOTE: effects only work when gear is equpied if you remove the gear the effects are removed

Drop Level Ranges:
rock lee : 1-20 lvl
dosu: 5-30 lvl

kabuto: 10-40 lvl
sasuke: 15-50 lvl

orochimaru: 20-60 lvl
hanzo: 25-70 lvl

mu: 30-80 lvl
kisame: 35-90 lvl

hashirama: 40-100 lvl
zetsu: 45-110 lvl

copyist: 50-120 lvl
dark: 55-130 lvl

sage: 60-140 lvl
shadow: 65-150 lvl

Events and Points:

Automated cycle
(3 players) Deathmatch = everyone who joined gets send into arena, last man standing wins, but every kill counts as point
(2 players) Dodgeball = 5 balls in arena, both teams try to hit other team with them, when you are hit you are out, continues till everyone on opposing team is out
(4 players) Feudal Lord = 2 teams, both teams have 1 feudal lord who cannot attack and has 100k hp, first team feudal to die loses
(3 players) Paintball = everyone has 5 lives, they shoot projectiles by attack, last one standing wins (there are powerup crystals around map)
(3 players) Hit Point = tournament 1v1 format, a tug of war with both sides with 5 lives. Each hit life is taken from other and given to other (no damage)
(4 players) Capture the scroll = both teams try to get to other teams end get their scroll and return to their own base with enemy scroll

Village Points = these are pretty much your personal reputation, you get this by doing missions
-5pts: Taxi Scroll = teleports you into whatever village you want, single use
-75pts: Experience Scroll = increases exp by 20% for 25 minutes
-200pts: Weapon Scroll = gives you 200 of chosen tool
-700pts: Rebirth = allows user to rebirth when he is at his level cap
-2000pts: Drop Rate Scroll = increases droprate by 5% for 15 minutes
Arena Points = these are gained in ranked arena wins and deathmatch wins
-100pts: Unnamed Sword = gives you sword that increases crit rate
-2000pts: Custom jutsu scroll = gives you scroll that you can use to create your own jutsu
Event Points = these are gained by winning events, automated ones deathmatch, capture the flag and dodgeball, and gm hosted ones by gm awarding 1st and 2nd places
-10pts: Ryo = Gain 100,000 ryo
-5pts: Village Switch = Change villages
-5pts: Faction Clothing = Create a custom piece of faction clothing. (REQUIRES: A faction)
-5pts: Faction Members = Increase your faction's member capacity by 1 (REQUIRES: A faction)
-10pts: Level = Gain 7 level(s).
-10pts: Profession Switch = Change professions.
-15pts: Faction Jutsu = Create a custom faction jutsu. (REQUIRES: A faction)
-20pts: Element Switch = Change element(s). Cannot get the same elemental combination.
-20pts: Sharingan Switch = Change to a random sharingan type.
-25pts: Element Fusion = Gain an elemental fusion if possible.
-25pts: Faction = Create a custom village faction. (REQUIRES: Level 60)
-25pts: Extension = Gain extention if lacking one. Otherwise switch to a random choice based on your two elements.
-40pts: Special Item = Chance to gain a special item.
-75pts: Special = Gain special if lacking one. Otherwise switch to a random choice (inclusively).
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