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Guide Elemental Techniques

In this game elements have advantages over each other so for example suiton jutsus
will always beat katon jutsus and at the same time the suiton jutsus damage will be boosted
this allows you to take advantage of your opponents element.
[Image: 180?cb=20091021202844]

When you learn your element you will have access to elemental skill tree where you can put points in first element jutsu for that element.
Each element in tree has 5 levels, levels make jutsus better for example giving them more damage, size, some special effect

you get 2 points every level, these points you can use for element jutsus
level 1 = 2 point
level 2 = 3 points
level 3 = 4 points
level 4 = 5 points
level 5 = 6 points

from level 1 to level 5 = 20 points
so 10 lvls to master one jutsu

you can place points in first jutsu right after you get your element, after that tree will divide into 2 sections "Offensive" and Tactical"
Offensive jutsus are more damage based directly attacking jutsus
Tactical jutsus are more skill based which are more tricky to use

NOTE! putting points in one section doesnt mean you cannot put points in other section, you can have jutsus from both tactical and offensive tree

Each section has 3 jutsus
first jutsu in each section can be put points when you gain 10 lvl
second jutsu in each section can be put points when you gain 20 lvl
third jutsu in each section can be put points when you gain 40 lvl

Your first element most likely go according to what village you were put in, for example if you're born in Leaf you're most likely to have Katon as your first element
and if you're born in Mist you're most likely to have Suiton as your first element. Your second element is completely random.

Element Skills:

[Image: vm0twEX.png]
Katon is strong against Fuuton
Katon is weak against Suiton

Shoots 1 tile fireball that explodes on contact , explode gets bigger with levels

shoots multiple fireballs, amount and formation change with level

shoots fireball infront of user, increases size with levels

shoots 1 tile controllable fire tiger that explodes on contact, explode gets bigger with levels

ignites shurikens and kunai in air, turning them nin based at later levels it will heat up so much anyone near shuriken gets hurt

puts seal on target, everytime target does handsigns he gets burned (need be close to put seal), at latter levels this will be invisible projectile so you dont need be close anymore)

when you use jutsu makes fire ring infront of user, this ring gets bigger with levels

[Image: ecMV41q.png]
Suiton is strong against Katon
Suiton is weak against Doton

shoots 1 tile water bullet, this can be spammed, at later levels pierces stuff

makes 1 tile water ball that becomes chakra draining puddle on contact, puddle gets bigger with levels

shoots water jet infront of user, gets bigger with levels

shoots 1 tile water wave at later levels this is 5 tile water wave with trail

shoots shark that steals chakra on hit, at later levels it adds more sharks and it steals chakra even if enemy is close to shark

Ja no Kuchi
this makes controllable water dragon that takes anyone it hits with it and hurts second, later levels this can take multiple people with it

this makes water mirror infront of user this mirror reflects damage done to it, at later levels there will be more mirrors and amount of reflected damage increased

[Image: udcONGb.png]
Doton is strong against Suiton
Doton is weak against Raiton

Doryuo Dango
with this user shoots 1 tile rock, at later levels this rock gets bigger up to 5x5

makes indicator, when you use jutsu again makes stone spikes rise around indicator at random spots, at later level area spikes rises gets bigger

makes indicator, when you use jutsu again makes dragon rise from ground and start shoot projectiles until it is out of projectiles, with 3rd clcik you can make dragon dive into ground again leaving indicator, at later level amount and size of projectiles raise

Doryuu Taiga
this makes 1 tile mud spot infront of user, on second click it shoots mudriver into direction user faces, at higher level mudriver gets bigger

this increases users punches damage and adds knockback on punches

with this user reduces damage he takes, at later levels reduced damage gets bigger

creates 3 tile wide shield infront of user, user can punch it and make it projectile

[Image: cS3YWE8.png]
Raiton is strong against Doton
Raiton is weak against Fuuton[/color]

this shoots 1 tile lightning blast, at later levels it still shoot 5 lightning blasts in wave formation

Chidori Senbon
this will shoot senbons at certain intervals, at later level there will be more senbons shot, less interval
time and senbons will be 3 tile big

Rairyuu no Tatsumaki
this makes 2 tile long lightning dragon that can pierce while both head and body do damage, on higher level this dragon becomes longer and more bodies to make damage

this increases users punches range

this makes user surrounded in lightning, anyone who punches user gets hurt depending users nin

Denpou Sekka
makes indicator, when you use jutsu again makes lightning around indicator, at later level area gets bigger

Shichuu Shibari
makes 5x5 AoE in area user clicks dealing dps inside it

[Image: o5DNXF8.png]
Fuuton is strong against Raiton
Fuuton is weak against Katon

Juha Shou
this makes 1 tile wind wave, at later levels wave gets bigger and user will shoot multiple of them in row

Tatsu no Ooshigoto
this makes hurricane that moves zigzag formation forward, at later levels there will be multiple hurricanes

this makes 1 tile windy projectile with trail, anyone who steps on it gets pushed towards end of jutsu, at last level this will be 7 tile big windy projectile

Juha Reppuushou
this makes controllable wind arm that pushes anyone back with it and damaging at same time, at later levels this will be 3x3 big controllable

this makes wave around user that pushes anyone near user back while damaging them, at later levels area that gets pushed back is bigger

Kouha Reppuuken
this increases damage of punches, has chance to bleed on hit, allows user punch through shields

this allows user push any jutsus and other projectiles 1 tile near him back to direction they came from, at later levels area where stuff gets pushed back gets bigger
[Image: Indigo-ItachiSig.png]
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