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=Rinnegan completion idea=

- Rinnegan - awakens in a life and death situation
- The player gets all the path related jutsus in a separate Doujutsu tab much like "Shisui Shunshin" dash

+ Mastered rinnegan
- create path
- summon path
- control path
- chakra rod - the users next hit will impale the target with a chakra rod for 1 min, every 5-10 sec their view will be transferred to another screen where giant rinnegan eyes are looking at them for 3 sec. 

+ Kuchiyose: Gedo Mazo (summons the Gedo statue behind the user, walks with user, punching will hit 5x5 aoe around user for 2k chakra, damage based on users nin 1x) (while the Gedo statue is summoned akatsuki members can use the user as a sealing points instead of going to the base, but this will freeze the user for the duration)
               - Genryuu Kyuufuujin - Creates a controllable chakra dragon from the mouth of the statue, but only moves when player moves it with arrows and does damage and drains chakra, stepping on the chakra dragons trail also does damage and drains chakra (require Gedo Mazo summoned,  300/s chakra drain)

+ The user can get access to all the path jutsus on the main body (hidden req - already figured it out with indigo)
- All additional jutsu will appear in the doujutsu tab once the req is met, with a message "a power surge within you"

-/ Deva path (Tendo)
+ Shinra Tensei - Pushes everything in 5x5 away from the user, jutsus and projectiles included. Also does collision damage if enemies gets rammed into a dense object (5 sec CD)
+ Banshou Tenin - Pulls playes towards user. 5x5 pull range any players in this range will be pulled. Stuns targets whiles being pulled and ends 1 sec after the target reaches its destination  (10 sec CD)
+ Chibaku Tensei - Pulls everyone close to the orb to the center of the orb forming a huge rock the move will do a strong pull for 5 seconds then ends. Anyone trapped inside when the pull ends will be bound and take 200 dmg every 2 seconds (can break out by punching the rock. Health based on users chakra)
-/ Preta path (Gakido)
+ Fuujutsu Kyuuin - The user makes a chakra shield which absorbs all jutsus and gives the chakra to the user (drains 500 chakra per sec during activation)
+ Fuujutsu Fuuin - The user binds their target and starts to absorb their chakra (1.5% per sec, bind hp based on users nin) 1 tile grab that grabs target. Punch to break out, both users and target are stunned during jutsu. User is unable to attack while draining, but can let go when he wants by hitting the jutsu again(20 secs c.d)
-/ Naraka path (Jigokudo)
+ Gedo Rinne Tensei - Heals the hp and chakra of every member of your village or party in the users screen to 100% HP and Chakra at the cost of 50% of user hp (2 min CD)
+ Meifuu no Ou - Summons the head of Hades  (stays for 30 sec), walking into the mouth will heal players for 1% of their max hp and chakra(at the cost of 1 % of the users max hp and chakra as long the players stays inside of the mouth) . This jutsu also has a 
"Life/Death" verb to switch the state of the Head of Hades into an offensive by clicking the head, if players walk into the mouth when in offensive state they lose 1% of their current max hp and chakra for each second inside of the mouth as the user will gain from the targets lost max hp and chakra
-/ Asura path (Shurado)
+ Homing missiles - After using the jutsus, the player shoots 5 missiles to where the target was at the moment the missile leaves (explodes 3x3 on impact or when it reaches the point)
+ Shura no Te - A chakra blast from a mechanical hand (1 tile stream blast, shield breaker, 10 sec CD)
+ Shura no kou - A blast from a mechanical head (7x7 AOE blast, 2 sec charge)
+ Chakra jets - Dashes forward 7 tiles and rams whoever is in your path doing damage (Tai based)
+ Mechanical body - A Portion of physical damage is reflected back to attacker ( 50% of all physical damage is reflected back at attacker, running into the user while this is active does 1/4 users tai as damage, 300/s chakra drain)
-/ Human path (Ningendo)
+ Kyuukon no jutsu - The user rips the targets soul from their body (a bind which slowly suck the life out of their target(1.5% per sec), both the user and target is frozen during this process, the target can punch to try and break free; Bind hp is based on the user nin)
+ Saiko Denshin no Jutsu - lets the user get information of their target (works like getting info from spy, but with extra info, like specials and fusions etc, needs to be in contact with the target)
-/ Animal path (Chikushodo)(all summons has a shared CD of 10 sec)
+ Drill-Beaked Bird - Summons a giant bird (3x3) who dashes forward with such force that it rips people apart (multi hitter - every tile hit)
+ Giant Panda - Summons a 3x3 shielding giant panda in-front of the user (shield 3x3 tiles wide)
+ Snake-tailed Chameleon - Summons a giant chameleon which makes whoever rides it invisible until un-summoned (max 6 ppl)
            - moves it with up, right, left, down verbs or clicking. swallow/spit verb to put players in itself
+ Giant Rhino - Summons a 3x3 projectile which dashes forwards and rams itself against whatever it hits, doing heavy damage (moves slow, shield breaker, does 2x damage in middle)
+ Giant Crustacean - Summons a giant crustacean which shoots 3 tiles wide bubbles (like doryuudan)
+ Giant Centipedes - Summons 3 giant Centipedes which dashes forward and rips through anyone hit (poison on hit and can pass through multiple targets, 5 tiles wide, empty space between the 3)
+ Summon a Path/Player from your village/org

PS. all the summoned paths can enter and leave different maps, the user can also speak through each path.
- Allows player to speak and listen through their paths, meaning when player speaks in say, all the summoned paths will say the same

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