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Yamanaka Rework:

PASSIVE: sensory = will be born with sense skill + will show stats as well

1. Shintenshin no Jutsu - 1 tile invis projectile allows you control enemy (works on npcs as well, can use the controlled body to attack, got "use jutsu" verb which makes the controlled taget use a random elemental jutsu at lvl 5) control duration: 100 gen = 1 sec
2. Shinranshin no Jutsu - 3 tiles wide invis projectile which forces enemies to hurt themself (damage = targets tai x1)(passes through people, so it can hit multiple people)
3. Shinten Bunshin no Jutsu - 3 tiles wide invis projectile that allows you to control up to 2 targets hit (1st target controlled with arrows, 2nd controlled with up, right, left, down)
4. Shinten Kugutsu no Jutsu - uses kawarimi, if enemy hits it you gain control of them
5. Shinten Kugutsu Juuin no Jutsu - places down a static puppet that looks like the user, can spectate through, if a player hits the puppet you will gain control of them. (max 3, change view on puppets with view puppet 1,2,3)
6. Shinten Mekkyaku no Jutsu  - 1 tile invis projectile that damages and disorient movement (nin+gen= damage)(duration = 500gen=1s)
7. Shinten Boukyaku no Jutsu - 3 tiles wide invis projectile that makes targets unable to use jutsus for a duration (duration = 500gen=1s)
8. Shinten Ranbu no Jutsu (Hidden Req) - hits everyone in 7x7 aoe with Shinranshin no jutsu

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