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Tenseigan (doujutsu/special);

Tenseigan Special: 5%  (Doujutsu Clans cant be born with Specials, i.e  Hyuuga, Uchiha, Chinoike)
+ Got 15x15 vision (byakugan vision will be reduced, unmastered byakugan = 12x12.   Mastered byakugan = 13x13)
+ Gets Shinra Tensei and Banshou Tenin like Rinnegan
+ Mastered with same reqs as Rinnegan
+ Gets no paths, but...

Mastered tenseigan gets a few jutsus:
1. Kuchiyose: Tenseigan Youki -  summons 2 giant eyeballs made from many byakugans by the sides of the user that also moves and turns with the user, each eye has 50k hp (stays till unsummoned or destroyd or user is out of chakra, 200/s chakra drain)
               - Kousenha - shoots 3 tiles wide beam with the giant eyeballs in the direction user is facing, can shoot as long as eyeballs are out (30/s CD and damage = 1/2 users nin, 1x users nin in middle tile, Require Tenseigan Youki summoned, Costs 500 chakra to use)

Eyeball location and shooting formation:

u = user
e = eyeball
x = 1x hit area
b = 1/2 hit area

2. Tenseigan Chakra Mode - gives user 1.5x chakra boost and a teal chakra cloak that reduce all damage taken by 20% (lasts 1min or till user cancels it, 1min CD once deactivated)
3. Kinrin Tensei Baku - the user focuses chakra into their hand shaping a golden chakra sword which slices 10 tiles infront of the user instantly (dmg = 0.75x (AKA 3/4) of users tai and nin, 20/s CD, req Tenseigan CM activated, costs 600 chakra to use)
4. Kinbou Tensei Baku - the user focuses chakra in their palm creating a green chakra orb, then shoots it forward. Damages and drains chakra on impact; hits the tiles around the orb as well  (damage = 1.3x and  0.2x on the sides, drains chakra = 10% of dmg done, 15/s CD, req Tenseigan CM activated, Costs 750 chakra to use)
5. Ginrin Tensei Baku - the user focuses chakra in their hand making a greenish silver chakra typhoon. 5 tiles wide(multi hit, dmg = 1/3 users nin, 45/s CD, req Tensegan CM activated, Costs 1500 chakra to use)

Hyuugas can unlock Tenseigan naturally like uchiha can Rinnegan (hidden req) - already figured out the hidden req with Indigo
- Hyuugas who awaken Tenseigan with the top secret hidden req will not get any of the jutsus above
- They get 2x stat boost to Tai, Nin and Gen and 15x15 vision
- And can use all their Hyuuga jutsus with the Tenseigan

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