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Uzumaki Clan

clan passive - will restore some of their own chakra when hit by a jutsu (5% of their own max chakra)

Kibakuin - user marks the location with an exploding seal.
- clicking the jutsu again after the indicator is placed will make it explode in a 4x4 aoe
- damage =  users nin 

+ Kongou Fuusa - user shoots controllable chakra chain that has dense trail
- if a target gets hit by the jutsu or touches the trail, he wont be able to use any jutsus until he breaks out of the jutsu sealing.
- to break out of the jutsu sealing which makes the target unable to cast jutsus, but can still walk and throw weapons, they have to punch their way out like any other bind
- bind hp = nin based

+ Kongou Gekiryuu - shoots 3 tile wave of chains with trail (getting hit or stepping on the trail will freeze target for 3 sec)
- damage = nin based

+ Kongou Kekkai - the user creates a 10x10 size area like ice mirrors, but around themself, which traps user and target within
- inside this area, the user takes 25% less damage from all sources
- targets running into the chains will take damage, this doesnt affect the user
- chain damage = nin based

+ Fuuinryoku - slows handseals and doubles chakra costs of target 
- this jutsu lasts till target dies (duration of jutsu is debateable) 
- this jutsu is applied to target like gogyou fuuin

+ Kyuuinfu - for the next 15 sec target will lose 1% of their max chakra every sec if hit bu the jutsu (applied to targets like lvl 5 tenrou)

+ Rikujouin - the user leaves an indicator on the ground
- activateing the jutsu again, a summoning jutsu symbol appears where the indicator was and sends out sealing jutsu text in all directions
- stepping on the sealing jutsu text will pull whoever touches them to the center
- this jutsu lasts lasts 15 sec after the jutsu text has spawned in a 10x10
- the pull doesnt affect the user doesnt affect the user

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