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Akatsuki Rings

[font=Arial]Rings work like SSM swords, each member gets one assigned by leader
each ring gives passive effect and with each bijuu sealed will empower the effects percent by 1%
so after 95 bijuus sealed one could get 100% chance
ring retains the power inserted into it by old members

Nagato's/零: Has a 5% chance to absorb jutsu instead of being hit.

Deidara's/青: Has a 5% chance to explode, knockback and burn enemy on any hit.

Konan's/白: Has a 5% chance on hit to drop piece of paper with the health user lost.

Itachi's/朱: Has a 5% chance to apply genjutsu on enemy on any hit.

Zetsu's/亥: Has a 5% chance to leave chakra draining spore on any hit.

Orochimaru's/空: Has a 5% chance to steal 10% of damage from enemy health on any hit.

Kisame's/南: Has a 5% chance to steal 10% of damage from enemy chakra based on any hit.

Kakuzu's/北: has % chance to do critical hit with elements.

Hidan's/三: Has a 5% chance to bleed enemy on any hit.

Sasori's/玉: Has a 5% chance to poison enemy on any hit.


Zetsu details
-spore will appear on enemy and drain his chakra
-spore takes 100 chakra per second and stacks with other spores
-anyone who bumps on enemy will gain the chakra drained by spore
-spores last for 1 minute or until target is dead

Konan details
-user can walk on paper to regain his health
-anything else that hits paper destroys it along with the hp user could have regained
-paper dissapears in 30 seconds

add system for both akat and SSM to give and take out rings/swords and list them like bijuus
only one of each item can exist at time
leader should be able to take item out of the person that isnt online
when that person logs in next time he will have lost his item and been kicked out of org
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