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Bijuu System planning leave feed back

Bijuu will work like Hachimon(gates)
Each clicks activate a tail with a chance of failing when i full tails mode a after image of

their bijuu will appear behind them for 3 seconds then disapppear
bijuu deactivates after 1 minute it will take half the players health and chakra
Using your bijuu until you master it will stop u from failing(like gates)
Failing and dying will lower your seal integrity(seal intergrity slowly restores over time)

Shukaku 1st form, 2nd form, 3rd form (2x,2.5,3x)boost to all stats hp and chakra
Nibi 1 tail, 2 tails, red mode (2x,2.5,3x)boost to all stats hp and chakra
Sanbi 1 tail, 2 tails, 3 tails (2x,2.5,3x)boost to all stats hp and chakra
Yonbi 1 tail, 3 tails, 4 tails (2x,2.5,3x)boost to all stats hp and chakra
Gobi 1 tails, 3 tails, 5 tails (2x,2.5,3x)boost to all stats hp and chakra
Rokubi 1 tails, 4 tails, 6 tails (2x,2.5,3x)boost to all stats hp and chakra
Nanabi 1 tail, 4 tails, 7 tails (2x,2.5,3x)boost to all stats hp and chakra
Hachibi 1 tail, 3 tails, 5 tails, 8 tails (2x,2.5,3x,3.5x)boost to all stats hp and chakra
Kyuubi 1 tail, 4 tails, 6 tails, 9 tails (2x,2.5,3x,3.5x)boost to all stats hp and chakra

-Killing bijuu in world will allow the player to pick which village gets the bijuu after
picking the village every player thats born in that village has a 25% chance of getting
the bijuu becoming a jinchuuriki and removing it from the bijuu spawn list

-Akatsuki will be able to steal a bijuu by killing a jinchuuriki player there % chance of
stealing it will be based of the jinchuuriki seal integrity so if there seal integrity is
95% meaning u will have a 5% chance of their bijuu essense dropping

-When a akatsuki member gets bijuu esscense they have to take to the statue
to seal it by click the statue they start the selaing process unable to move for 1 minute
if another member joins in to help seal by click statue the time will drop by 10 seconds each member

-if successful they will recieve 5 event points 20 village points exp and money for each
bijuu seal and after all 10 they get super reward of 30 event points 100 village points exp and money

if killed whiles sealing and the esscense is dropped, if the jinchuuriki gets it he gets his
bijuu back if another player gets it he can take it to the villages bijuu jar which will be in
every vilage and seal it in there to get his village a reward by making it so the next
player created in his village gets the bijuuu with exp money and 5 event points
[Image: d873f1d6-ac8f-4eb3-87db-9f510bbc4c8f_zpss8jwt9uy.png]

[Another way for bijuu?]
Sealing bijuu into a player when village has been picked /wo remaking or RB

I think there should be another way to get the bijuu, once the village has been picked, other then creating a char or RBing into that village.
Like a player from that village goes up to the bijuu sealing jar and asks it to try to seal the bijuu in them. 
When they do that every villager (other then the one who is requesting) from that village will get a prompt, asking if "name" should be picked as the next jinchuuriki.
Majority rule win, if its a no, it will say "you were sadly not the chosen one". if they get a yes majority vote, the sealing process will start.
but there is only 10% chance the bijuu will successfully seal into the chosen player. if it fails, the bijuu will be released again, free to be killed.
if the sealing succeeds it will say ""bijuu number" has successfully been sealed in you" and if it fails it will say "the sealing of "bijuu number" has failed and the bijuu escaped"

If they just leave it to the 25% chance, they wont lose the bijuu. Risk and reward.

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