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Update Bji's Update Log

Can now sell armor ,exp scrolls and Taxi scroll to the shops by dragging it on the shop npc.clothes an weapons will be sold back for half price
Amor gear
common - 500 ryo
rare- 2000 ryo
epic - 8000 ryo

exp scroll - 1k ryo
taxi scroll - 500 ryo

you can now see combat info

joining hit point now shows to the world

Investigation or steal hidden scroll missions now causes the village that scroll was stolen or investigated lose 5 VP
[Image: d873f1d6-ac8f-4eb3-87db-9f510bbc4c8f_zpss8jwt9uy.png]

=Chinoike clan=
Clan passive - Heals 0.1% of their max hp when they walk on a blood stain, the blood stain disappears in the process
+ Ketsuryuugan [Blood Dragon Eye] - Awakens like sharingan, life and death
+ Got 2 stages like rinnegan. same reqs as rinnegan

Stage 1
+ Genjutsu: Ketsuryuugan - makes target lose control of his movement, and makes him move like npc towards nearest person (2 tile invisible projectile 10 sec c.d 100 chakra drain can hit multiple ppl if all of them r in the jutsu way)
if no player is in range effect last 5 seconds
+ Blood Shot - works like shigure with all blood puddles within 5 tiles of user (puddles dissapear after use 600 chakra 15 sec c.d)
+ Blood bomb - anyone user hits with Ketsuryuugan on gets 1 bomb put inside them (200 chakra 5 sec c.d)
- Detonate blood bomb - explodes them
Stage 2
+ Blood stream - the user fires a stream of blood (5 tiles wide) which leaves puddles of blood at random spots on its way(3k chakra 30 sec c.d leaves up to 1-8 puddles random)
+ Ketsuryuu - summons aura of blood hydra around user, user can shoot 5 tile long dragon head to any direction by clicking (general and diag, like sand shield)(5k chakra 45 sec c.d)
+ Blood Drain - when someone is bleeding and this is used 3 tiles near him, the bleeding time increases by 10 hits(20 sec c.d 900 chakra)
[Image: d873f1d6-ac8f-4eb3-87db-9f510bbc4c8f_zpss8jwt9uy.png]

chinoike bug fixes
2 new nna shop items

Missions scroll - A inventory mission npc basically but it has half c.d time cannot be taken
upon rebirth. can only buy 1 from store. if already own 1 it will state so

instant boss area tele - teleports you outside of boss cave 15 uses in 1 ,20 nna points
[Image: d873f1d6-ac8f-4eb3-87db-9f510bbc4c8f_zpss8jwt9uy.png]

indi been goin ham with alot of bug fixes good going indi sorry for the dealy on updates was baby strucked by my lil girl i had 2 weeks ago and working alot of shifts,but good thing indi was there to pick up slack were gonna try get everything back on schedule in a bit thank you.
Indi's updates added akat ring inventory icons
-added icon for konan paper drop
-fixed sasori poison damage not working
-updated spy/GM LevelCheck verbs
-hopefully fixed tsukiyomi (couldnt test it properly alone)
-made capping flag take village rep instead of village points
-fixed 4 anbu mission needing only 1 anbu kill
-added pocket spy into rebirth banned items
-made you lose ring/SSM sword when you leave organization
-hopefully made it ask user if he wants to join organization when invited (not forced into org)
-done that only for akat for now, since i wanna know it works before i do it to SSM, hawk and factions

made jinchuuriki's not drop essence until they are 75 lvl
fixed all jinchuuriki icons
fixed burn not stacking
added all SSM and Akat rings into rebirth banned items
made people able to rebirth continously the last rebirth
added color text for all moves that missed it
fixed/buffed rinnegan shinra tensei, bansho tenin and chibaku tensei

Indi's updates part 2 -all trait stuff are now handled through trait reset scroll, so you lose your last trait totally
-fixed the mute verb
-bijuu spawns fixed
-fixed all the armor prices and gave socket scrolls price too
-made palms into single verb and depending users doujutsu level its either 32 palms, 64 palms or 128 palms, also included with shinaris amazing new palms icon
-made it so feudal lord cant rest nor be healed
-fixed tutorial book for samurais (element parts) and for hoshigaki and kamizuru (clan tree)
-added chinoike into genin test
-probably fixed the bingo book being broken
-fixed sound investigation mission too
-made bingo book tutorial book mission so that you just need to click the bingo book
-now orochimaru hideout investigation should work
-now samurai also works as village shinobi kill for tutorial book
-fixed the double mission kills x
-fixed that when you close rinnegan you keep the jutsu of the last path you used
-fixed sharingan keeping techs when they run out of chakra
-added weights into the exp caluclation
-fixed you dying when doujutsu awakening saves you
-gave blood stream handseals
-made ketsuryuugan not awaken on very first death always
-fixed hydra sticking when you run out of chakra with it
-fixed blood hydra not having trail
-fixed blood hydra so you can turn it off on second click -fixed poison somewhat xD hopefully xD its quite annoying thing to work with xD
-fixed henge not properly turning you into some stuff
-added effect delays on rings so they cant proc many times in one second
[Image: d873f1d6-ac8f-4eb3-87db-9f510bbc4c8f_zpss8jwt9uy.png]

@everyone about to host thank you for waiting patiently hopefully me an the team have sorted out all the bugs the time is finally here i'm sorry to say We will be wiping. but no worries about Training Staff will be giving a new verb where they can set the world exp gain up to 5x ^_^. your nna points will also be return upon contacting (ME) so u can message the staff to tell me if i'm not online please include your paypal
update includes a fresh new interface all jutsus turned into skill cards an a skill bar was added we also did a lot of bug crunching
bjisboss - Last Saturday at 9:23 AM
[Image: d873f1d6-ac8f-4eb3-87db-9f510bbc4c8f_zpss8jwt9uy.png]

-Half Sharingan starts at whatever stage of development it was in when it was stolen
(If stolen during MS or EMS, it will start at 3 tomoes)
-Abilities gained depend upon the kind of sharingan that the victim Uchiha had (they will gain w.e eye they stoled shar 3 abilites ex itachi crow kawa,obito kaumi)

bug fixes with kaguya clan ,Sage mode and Custom Jutsus
[Image: d873f1d6-ac8f-4eb3-87db-9f510bbc4c8f_zpss8jwt9uy.png]

Tenseigan Special: 5% (Doujutsu Clans cant be born with Specials, i.e Hyuuga, Uchiha, Chinoike)neither can they buy it out nna shop
+ Got 15x15 vision
+ Gets Shinra Tensei and Banshou Tenin like Rinnegan
+ Mastered with same reqs as Rinnegan
+ Gets no paths, but...

Mastered tenseigan gets a few jutsus:
1. Kuchiyose: Tenseigan Youki - summons 2 giant eyeballs made from many byakugans by the sides of the user that also moves and turns with the user, each eye has 50k hp (stays till unsummoned or destroyd or user is out of chakra, 200/s chakra drain)
- Kousenha - shoots 3 tiles wide beam with the giant eyeballs in the direction user is facing, can shoot as long as eyeballs are out (30/s CD and damage = 1/2 users nin, 1x users nin in middle tile, Require Tenseigan Youki summoned, Costs 500 chakra to use)

Eyeball location and shooting formation:

u = user
e = eyeball
x = 1x hit area
b = 1/2 hit area

2. Tenseigan Chakra Mode - gives user 1.5x chakra boost and a teal chakra cloak that reduce all damage taken by 20% (lasts 1min or till user cancels it, 1min CD once deactivated)
3. Kinrin Tensei Baku - the user focuses chakra into their hand shaping a golden chakra sword which slices 10 tiles infront of the user instantly (dmg = 0.75x (AKA 3/4) of users tai and nin, 20/s CD, req Tenseigan CM activated, costs 600 chakra to use)
4. Kinbou Tensei Baku - the user focuses chakra in their palm creating a green chakra orb, then shoots it forward. Damages and drains chakra on impact; hits the tiles around the orb as well (damage = 1.3x and 0.2x on the sides, drains chakra = 10% of dmg done, 15/s CD, req Tenseigan CM activated, Costs 750 chakra to use)
5. Ginrin Tensei Baku - the user focuses chakra in their hand making a greenish silver chakra typhoon. 5 tiles wide(multi hit, dmg = 1/3 users nin, 45/s CD, req Tensegan CM activated, Costs 1500 chakra to use)@everyone
Hyuugas can unlock Tenseigan naturally like uchiha can Rinnegan (hidden req)
- Hyuugas who awaken Tenseigan with the top secret hidden req will not get any of the jutsus above
- They get 2x stat boost to Tai, Nin and Gen and 15x15 vision
- And can use all their Hyuuga jutsus with the Tenseigan

hidden req for hyuuga to unlock it
[Image: d873f1d6-ac8f-4eb3-87db-9f510bbc4c8f_zpss8jwt9uy.png]

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