Bji's Update Log

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Bug Fixes

Points npc added

point items added
exp scroll

village taxi

custom sword

all 7sm swords added

sorry but gates and Pnb are still unusable at the moment  until we fix the errors its causes

Missing Leader verbs should be added back now

more to come
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Bug Fixes

Dodge ball event added

some verb tweaks

Event point gain added


On the way
Event Store added:
30 point = 1 level
1 point = 250,000 ryo
5 points = village switch (will be given to the player random out of Leaf,Cloud,Rock,Sand,Missing,Mist)
7 points = chosen element switch (random theres a chance of getting the same ele u had back,0% chance of switching and getting double same ele ,example ur wind,fire you change ur wind as it randomize there a 0% chance of getting fire since u already have it)
7 points = proff switch
5 points = faction clothing select(buying this allows the factio/org Leader to select a file from his computer to set as his faction clothing all members will recieve the clothing)
5 points = faction member increase(can also add a increase member count item an start them off with 6 members max only)
20 points = special item
15 points = faction linked custom jutsu(creates the link custom for all mems)
15 points = random extension between your elements
15 points = fusion if possible(if they have the rite eles)
15 points = sharingan switch
20 points = random special
25 points = faction
30 points = extension change (random between your 1st and second ele which extension u will recieve)
40 points = special change
faction/org leader verb-invite,Kick,war

Events = 1 point for winners
ctc winners 1 point
Deathmatch winner 1 point if 1-5 people 2 points if 6+ ppl
using Award 1st tourny verb will give the winner 2 event points
Award Second will give 1
Dodgeball - 1

Faction system mayy still be undr construction thou
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Faction System in you can now make your own custom faction choose your own clothes an make your own link jutsu

they are also apart of the village rep system ^^

dodgeball tweak- you can now only pick up 1 bull ,throwing a ball a a next ball will create a bounc effect bouncing off in a 180 degree angel an player hit will be out

rep mode exp buffed to 50%

taxi scroll lowered to 5 rep

exp scroll lowered to 75 rep

cs are now available to be won in tournies or donations

upcoming updates Rebirth &Trait/Perk system follow up by bijuu an akat sealing system
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Bug fixes

Yoton projectile now has a 30 sec c.d and damage nerfed

some tweaks to custom factions

New boss added Zetsu

kill Zetsu is now apart of SS rank missions

can be found on travel map top left

[Image: 2ea0ab53e8f338bfa997834549880cf3.png]

[Image: 7a992c506fb18e6ad28b5f9392bb113c.png]
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Cts Scroll will now drop on the user location not underneath

some errors fixed

some custom faction tweaks

bug fixes
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Sorry we keep forgetting some of the bug told to us so now Report verb is now fixed under the file tab

[Image: f54305791acaf33df29c623ce5ae94fc.png]

[Image: 6e6b22b2871b27cc5a3337f65edfb29b.png]

Please try to explain the bugs the best you can.dont leave out any detail
[Image: db22c2bf8333723f14de586e03a86a86.png]

[Image: 863c15dab9b1e060e01ec0ba07a02895.png]

We will over look these reports and test each 1
[Image: bb92edf7f9c225d42fe7373ea5de9b16.png]

nerfs ,bugs, buff tell us
[Image: d873f1d6-ac8f-4eb3-87db-9f510bbc4c8f_zpss8jwt9uy.png]
You can now dispose bone sword and whip

akimichi moves now appear in jutsus tab

few bug fixes

something new for the staff =)
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Bug fixes

Element vs element boosts now has a cap

Bijuu Release renamed to inner power

cs boost tweak

bakuton icon should be fixed
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New Feature Rebirth increses your max lvl whiles allowing you to keep something each rebirth max things that can be kept is 3 each rebirth increases your lvl by 10 max rebirth 5 so max lvl =150(village,trait,item,Ryo,Special) is the list you can keepduring rebirth

start buy visiting the Trader Npc and entering the Village point store
[Image: 84a5d552246b5737f302cc27f1914169.png]

Next you need to pay for your rebirth scroll
[Image: 33d8668a441d0f2598844fad8388dc86.png]

it will then pop up inside your inventory can use it just by clicking it
[Image: 8796eb302843d1b21fbc152d790ac293.png]

The scroll will make sure you understand whats going on before allowing you to rebirth
[Image: 109310dcf17a9b659c89b94e5f346c3e.png]

after pressing I understand you will thus be giving a list asking you what would u like to keep
[Image: d50ac3aea3dcf2579b7e37adf547e5e1.png]

after picking w.e you will be taking to the remake screen where you recreate your character pick w.e clan an bammm you have Rebirth an with w.e you picked

bug fixes

Some nerfs and buffs won't tell you what exactly

gates is still bugg until we redo death system =/

Bug amour is useable again no longer banned

New Verb Added Transfer Leader can only be giving to a player inside the same org and at lvl 45(factions)
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New Event
Protect The Fuedal Lord
4+ player event, people are divided into two teams

one random person in both teams is made feudal lord

he cannot do any attacks but he has 100k hp

When someone is killed he wont spawn for 10 seconds back in the map

When feudal lord is killed game ends

Prize: 10k money & 20k exp 1 event point

New Trait/perk system Added

Village/Perk traits- will be born with a random perk - perk will only be shown to player at lvl 20(jounin rank)-will also not take effect until lvl 20 unless its a special perk that automatically does upon creation

All village Perks will have a 5% chance of getting (when born in that certain village an there will be a 45% chance of getting a Perk out the random list)

Leaf(only  have a chance to get these if born leaf)
1- Will of fire - 5% chance of reviving when about to die (only works once per death)
2-  Inferno all fire moves will do 10% more damage
3- Sizzle - any damage inflicted on the target will inflict burn
4- Home advantage - All damage will be increased by 20% inside Leaf,Leaf forest and in the Forest of Death)
5- Fired up - When hit with a futton move the next katon move you use will be bossted by 15%

Sand(only have a chance to get these if born sand)
1- Sand Amour  Reduces 10% of all nin damage
2- Shake off cannot be effected by slow or stun
3- Dust off - 5% chance of blinding your enemies when you hit them with any move(last 3 sec)
4- Fuuton Reflection - 10% chance of reflecting incoming projectiles thats about to hit you
5- Wind slicer - all wind moves wil inflict bleed damage

Cloud(only have a chance to get these if born Cloud)
1- Shell Shock - 5% chance of screwing your targets movements when landing a raiton move
2-  Aura Upgrade- When usinf Raiton Yori(raiton light aura) the user dodge rate will raise 70%
3- Electrical Field - 10% of zapping a incoming prjectile an reducing its damage by 15% before it hits you
4- Conductor - asorbs all raiton moves boosting the damage of the users next used Raiton skill
5- Quickest this player will level faster than others 30% perm exp boost

Rock(only have a chance to get these if born Rock)
1-  Rock Skin 5% chance of  Taking no damage from a move
2-  Rock Brace reduces 20% damage from tai moves
3 - Area Pulse Cannont be tricke by bunshins or kawa
4  -Doton Focus - all doton moves will get a 5% damage increase
5- Doton Asorbtion 10% chance of when being hit with a doton type move to asorb the damage into chakra

Mist(only have a chance to get these if born Mist)
1- Suiton Leech - all suiton moves will Drain 2% of the targets chakra when landed
2- Hydrification - 5% chance of any move phasing through you taking no dmg
3- Surf - Speed will Increase for 15sec when hit from any type of suiton move
4- Suiton Master - All suiton moves will inflict a Drowning effect upon the target damage base on a % of the usres nin
5- Water Body - Fire Moves will hit 60% less on the player but will take 40% more from raiton

Random that any village will be able to get(all below will have a 45% chance of being born with)
1- Greed- Double money from mobs
2- Hardworker - 10% extra exp, halved mission cooldown
3- Weaponmaster -Chance to do 10% extra damage with throwing tools
4- Blast control - Will take 50% less damage from exploding tags and deal 2x more damage with Exploding tags
5- Genius - every lvl will gain 6 stat points and 3 jutsu points instead (this trait will have a 3% chance of getting)
6- Sensor - will gain a hand held spy in there inventory they can click for info
7- Village hero - Will gain double rep points
8- Taijutsu Master - 10% extra damage from taijutsu moves
9- Regeneration-as long as the user has chakra he gains 50 hp per 2 seconds
10- Trap master - will do 15% extra damage with (tags,caltraps and poisonbombs)
11- Survivalist - lower your hp, higher your dodge
12- Prodigy - Will Gain genin upon creation, Will rank up faster so u will need 200 for S rank for example (this 1 will be known even thought the user isnt jounin)
13- Animal Slayer - will do 30% more damage on Critters, Bijuus, Orochimaru, Jinchuurikis (this 1 will be known even thought the user isnt jounin)
14- Speed Master - With this trait the user will start off with max speed and halved handsign speed (this 1 will be known even thought the user isnt jounin)
15- Chakra Specialist - Jutsus will use 10% less chakra upon cast
16- Defeatist- will not lose mission, exp or money upon death
17- Drug Dealer - get 50% discount on pills
18- Looter - Takes extra money from a player that he kills
19- Elementalist - gains 3rd element tree

bug fixes
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