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Idea's and Improvements

01.My first idea for this game is to add a Smithing/Crafting system for weapons/Armors/Outfits Instead of having to farm for cash you could work on a skill that would improve the more you use it such as Tailoring Black Smithing And Wood work Since Most full body armor in naruto was wooden you wont be able to make things such as full body metal armor But you could make A very sturdy Wooden armor And in order to make things from metal you could go kill Npc's and hope they drop the type of metal you'd need/want to craft your weapon/wristguards out of Also there will be 4-5 types of metal 1 of which would be very rare since it is a special metal that is used to imbue the weapon with the ability to send chakra through it much like Asuma's Knuckle Blades or Sasukes Katana Also with this new System if it gets added in some weapons will also Aid in defending against some elemental nin such as madaras fan could blow away katon flames and also enchance his own my in game name is Shin Kaze btw so tell me if you like this idea 

02.My next idea would be focused on the inuzuka clan even though i have never played it. Maybe think about adding in a companionship skill that raises the longer the animal is out the better the dog likes you the better he will work with you and the more Efficient and damaging the move will be when used on player or npc this would make since to me to be added in but it's all up to the admins 

03. I agree that the none clan's get a boost in being able to get specials and also a few other thing's but i still feel a bit of neglect to them after all if they don't get a special they still end up being really weak in the long run So i thought it would make since to add in Some none clan only techniques that even if they were not born special over a long term of training and doing specific mission's they could still get some nin/gen/tai that only none clans can get after all since non clans are the weakest it means they will work the hardest to attain there goal if this idea is appealing tell me and ill drop suggestions on what the jutsu should be and how they would work  Smile

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