Great Shinobi War Event

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-Defeat the Juubi every ninja will be on teams against the juubi force
- say chat will be linked once you joined the event /friendly fire will be deactivated.
-once the event is hosted the world will recieve a message The Juubi has been Released from its Prison you -have 5 mins to join and help defeat the juubi .upon joning u will enter a waiting room to gear up for supplies.
-Each player will have 2 respawns afterwards he is left to watch the event
-If the juubi is dfeated everyone will get the prize even if u were kicked out
- if the juubi is successful in destroying everyone no 1 will get anything.

The juubi will have 10 skills:
1.Summoning minions
2.bijuu bomb
3.Wood needle
4.Roar -stuns with fear (will need to use kai move to get out)
5.Chakra leech tenticle - shoots out a 4 tile tenticle that leehes any 1 it touches
6.Housenka max
7.Attack - swings its hand reaches out 4 x4 all around him

-The Juubi will only start off using 2 moves Attack and Wood needles the weaker the juubi gets more of his moves will be unsealed

upon winning everyone will be given a grab bag this bag will give money an a % chance to give a random item from a list that is being made
Winning event reward:
1 mil exp
40k ryo
Grab bag: 5k ryo an a % chance of gettin 1 of the folowing items
100 kunai's
100 shurikens
40 explosive tags
10 windmils
exp scroll
Mission cool down reset scroll(max uses 3)
Custom jutsu scroll(lower chance)
more ideas on the way

health: 100mil
chakra: inf
tai: 7000

Still a work in proccess
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