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Kage Relics

Kage Relics

Kage Relics items rare to kages these Relics are gotten by a kage that has Contributed
atleast 750 Village reputation.once reputation is gotten a list with
pop up with your village kage relics and you choose one.they cannot be
taken upon rebirth and if you lose kage you lose the relic

+ Kage Relics, the kage gets 2 options, they pick 1 relic
- 1st hokage's necklace (gives the holder 10k extra hp and 20 hp regn per sec)-when equiped
- Raijin no Ken (the user punch in 3x2, 10 crit, 2% chance to slow on hit)

- Sand Gourd (gives the holder 10k chakra and 20 chakra regn per sec)
- Crecent Moon Fan (when punching the user releases a small gust that hits 3x3 infront of the user(3 sec CD on making of AOE), deflects ninja tools in the aoe, boosts fuuton jutsus by 5%)

- Hero's Water (replenish 10k of the users hp and chakra, 45 CD)
- Yagura's Club (10 crit, knockback, 20% chance to reflect incomming tai/nin damage)

- Gelel Stone (Gives the holder a passive hp regeneration (100 every 3 sec))
- Petrifaction Gauntlets (boosts doton jutsus by 5%, when the user punches, there is a 50% chance to petrify a part of the target)
Petrifaction Effect:
Head = freeze for 1 sec
Body = damage taken increased by 25% for 15 sec
Hand = 50% less jutsu damage for 15 sec
Leg = Slow 5 sec

- Supervibravo Swords - crit 15, 10% chance to slow on every hit (slow last 3 sec), hits in cross pattern (left,front,right and back)
- Vambraces (increases exp gain by 2x, no delay punch, boost raiton by 5%)

- Meitou Masamune - gives 20 dodge, heals 10% of users hp based on damage done on target so if you hit mob for 8k you heal 800 health
- Youtou Muramasa - gives 15 crit, causes bleed damage 5 ticks
[Image: d873f1d6-ac8f-4eb3-87db-9f510bbc4c8f_zpss8jwt9uy.png]
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