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New Swamp Map
[Image: Swamp_zpsdlic4duv.png]
[Image: akatt_zpsyuipzl6i.png] 
Kaguya/Orochimaru hideout                                                                                                     
[Image: cass_zpsflbxlhxx.png]
New Cloud Mansion
[Image: 412177be-ff45-4015-ae37-2059d643db49_zpsfwxntqmh.png]

To be added pain an fire element
 [Image: lol_zps448bd379.png]
Elements/fusion/extension jutsus
[Image: msk-2.png]
[Image: d2.png]
[Image: Missingvsleaf.png]
[Image: y-2.png]
Profession jutsus
[Image: Proffessions-2.png]
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