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Protect The Feudal Lord
6+ player event, people are divided into two teams

one random person in both teams is made feudal lord
he cannot do any attacks but he has 100k hp
When someone is killed he wont spawn for 10 seconds
When feudal lord is killed game ends

Prize: 10k money & 20k exp

Retrieve the Scroll
6+ player event, people are divided into two teams

teams must infiltrate the other's base and steal their
Scroll (you move slower with scroll) & bring it back to there base to score a point.
you need 3 points to win the game
when you kill person carrying your scroll he drops it and by touching it your scroll returns to your base
When someone is killed he wont spawn for 10 seconds
Each Score will give 5k exp 2k money

Prize: 10k money & 20k exp

Counter the Elements
1 player event  

In here player is given next jutsus as level 1:
Katon Endan
Fuuton Juha Shou
Raiton Gian
Doton Doryuo Dango
Suiton Teppoudama
He lose access to all their other jutsus during this event

Object is to hit jutsus flying towards you with its counter move
This event lasts 1 minute, during this minute chosen amount of jutsus are shot and you need hit as many jutsus as possible with their
counter moves, each countered jutsu counts as 1 point meaning 120 points is max
Handsigns are nullified in this event (jutsus you choose comes out immediately

In start challenger chooses level he wants
Level 1 = 24 shots (0.4 shots per second)
Level 2 = 48 shots (0.8 shots per second)
Level 3 = 72 shots (1.2 shots per second)
Level 4 = 96 shots (1.6 shots per second)
Level 5 = 120 shots (2 shots per second)

Countering then Elements Prizes
each countered jutsu: 1000 exp
100% on level: 5000 ryo, 50000 exp

Beginner Elementalist: Pass Level 1 100%
Advanced Elementalist: Pass Level 2 100%
Expert Elementalist:   Pass Level 3 100%
Master Elementalist:   Pass Level 4 100%
Badass Elementalist:   Pass Level 5 100%

3+ people event

everyone particapating this event will teleport to random arena
last man standing wins

Dodging Hell
1 player event

in here there would be 5 machines at each side that would shoot fireballs in 20x20 event area, you would need dodge all
you lose if you get hit even once

Prisoners of War
10+ people event

1 team will protect fortress which has 5 jails inside it and in them are NPCs,
This team’s task is to not let offensive team free all jailed people

Offensive team need to infiltrate fortress, find key and find jail door where key goes to
First objective is get through on of 4 doors of fortress
Second objective is find one of 5 keys
Third objective is to find door which that key fits

Opening door takes 5 seconds

Key and jail door spawns are set, but which key and which jail spawns on those places is random
If you have key and you die, you drop key

Prisoners of War Prizes:
every key gained: 1000 ryo, 10000 exp
every cell opened: 5000 ryo, 50000 exp
every key holder killed: 2500 ryo, 25000 exp
winner team of event: 10000 ryo, 100000 exp

Key Maniac: hold all 5 keys at once
Savior: Open all 5 cells during single event
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