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Clan Traits

Clan Traits 

Ratio of traits
General: 75%
Village: 20%
Clan: 5%

Ocular Prowse - Gen lasts 60% Longer
Uchiha Blood - Ms techs are 30% stronger

Nullification - .5x chakra drain on hyuuga's strikes
Tempo - .5x faster attacking speed

Non Clan
Fortify - Reduce Damage by 20%
Anarchy - Fuses your elements

Fangs - Dog techs poison for 3 seconds (based off users nin)
Last Stand - Dog has a 80% chance to Survive lethal blows

Illusionist - Trapped enemies are slowed until they escape
Keen eye - Immune to genjutsu

Death's grip - Shadows cause burn for 10 seconds
Insight - Shadow's bypass all elements

Shear strength - Taijutsu is raised by 1,000 permanently for every 20 kills ( max of 4,000 )
Angel - Chakara wings make you move two tiles & a 10% boost to every stat when its active

Proficiency - Halves Chakara cost off all clan moves
Arachnid - Mushidama becomes a 4 tile AOE instead of 2, and Konchuu Yoroi heals you 15% more

Wielder - Tsubaki Strikes from 3 tiles away and slows the enemy for two seconds 
Bone deflection - When struck with tai, the user has a 35% chance to reflect it back into the enemy

Nunoboko - Buke Zukuri increases damage by 1.8x and halves the cooldown of all clan moves while active
Samurai's Pride - Half attack delay, 5% increase to taijutsu/HP

Decapitate - Scythe has a range of 3 tiles and has a 5% chance to freeze on strike
Precision - Once struck with scythe the enemy does not stop bleeding until 2 minutes pass ( does not stack )

Eradicate - When activating sharkmode the users temporarily increases his damage to 2x lasting for 15 seconds (after 15 seconds pass the boost will fall to .75x)
larceny - Every taijutsu hit (including weapons) drain 500 chakra from the enemy

Chakara Pool - Every jutsu used has a 15% chance to not cost chakra ( does not include Kongou Kekkai )
Full Counter - Cannot be slowed or frozen, and burn/poison do .25x of the original damage

Gash - All blood on screen and bleeding effects last twice as long
Siphon - Walking on blood gives the user 1% of there max chakra back

Leech - every clan attack that lands gives the user 5% of the enemies max chakra 
Full Potential - All created Bees do .5x damage on top of their current multiplier

Clay moulder
Destructive - All explosives cause burn based off ninjutsu
Art - The lower the user's HP is the stronger clay gets

I like the concept of this suggestion but I feel like it is just a tad bit messy. These traits are clearly all of varying tiers rather than all being of similar usefulness and that fact throws me off a little. - Teen Titans rap! like and share! Support my career!

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