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New Traits

sound traits:
+ mystic bells - genjutsu with senbons/kunais/shurikens thrown (tsumabeni effect - hit target gets disoriented - kai to cancel)
+ tainted blood - bleeds purple blood that forms a 3x3 poison gas (dmg=1/5 users nin, stacks)
+ hollow air tubes - boost all fuuton jutsus dmg by 15% and gives them knock back (includes extensions)
+ sound burst - whenever user uses a jutsu, 25% to release a sound burst in 5x5 aoe doing dmg around user (dmg=10% of users max chakra)
+ chakra absorbing touch - every successful punch steals 5% chakra from target (works with anything that increases hit range ie. jigokuzuki etc)

star traits:
+ star chakra - when out of chakra, the users hp is used as chakra instead
+ Mithridatism - immune to poison damage (swapped to star trait from general trait)
+ meditation - restores hp and chakra 2x faster when resting
+ Condensed chakra - when taking dmg over 10% of your max hp, 50% chance to only lose 10% hp
+ Trancendent - every 2nd jutsu uses no chakra (drains only drain every 2nd tick instead)

stream traits:
+ blast control (moved from general) - you will take 50% less dmg from explosive dmg and deal 1.5x dmg with explosive dmg (clay clan, explosive tags, bakuton etc)
+ hell spawn - you do a small aoe when you are supposed to die based on half you health, but survives with 1 hp and becomes invulnerable for 5 sec  (5x5) (moved and changed from general trait)
+ steam explosion - all jutsus knock back
+ revved up - does 2% more dmg for every 10% hp lost
+ steam engine - 25% chance to create a smoke screen around the user when using a jutsu

rain traits:
+ trap master - tags, caltrops and poison bombs will do dmg based on users highest stat 1/5 + the tools base dmg (moved and changed from general traits)
+ water tank - 25% chance to absorb water jutsu, taking no dmg and restoring chakra (can overload)
+ water pulse - water based jutsus does 15% more dmg and knocks back (includes extension, hoshigaki)
+ chameleon - takes 25% less dmg from the last element jutsu the user was hit by (changes when hit with a diff element type)
+ water imp - becomes invis when hit with a water based jutsu, lasting 5 sec (suiton, hoshigaki clan, extension etc, stepping on daibakufu trail counts)

Iron traits:
+ Heavy blow - gives 30 extra crit with katana or sword equiped (shop weapons count)
+ Sword breaker - gives 50 extra dodge when equipping a sword or katana
+ Savage blow - 20% chance to do 20% of dmg dealt in 3x3 aoe when attacking/punching or using a tai tech
+ Swift movement - 15% to tp behind target when damaged, striking them for 1/5 the users tai
+ dualist - tai techniques damage twice for a lill less dmg

new extra traits
+ hold ground - knock backs wont work on the user and multi hit knock backs will just hit once and pass through
+ stun skin - damaging the user has a 15% chance to stun enemies for 2 sec
+ status regeneration - when hit by a status effect heals 5% of max hp (only count once for tick effects like burn/bleed/poison etc)
+ crisis armor - gets a HP shield based on 50% of users max chakra when users hp falls bellow 25% (lasts till death or destroyed)
+ poison skin - direct contract with the user causes poison on enemies based on whichever users highest stat is 0.25x (stacks and picking poison spec makes it 0.5x)
+ toxic - poison does 25% more dmg cased by the user and ignores dmg redu
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