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will be a npc found in tvery village asking for materials an ryo to make the weapon

Windmill Shuriken(ryo amount will always be 25k)

Bow - mats spikes x10 lumber x1 ripped akatsuki clothing

Blowgun - x10 lumber x2 kisame tooth x

Spear - x5 shark tooth x20 lumber x1 old bandages

Katana- x5 broken shurikens 10 lumber x 3 shark skin

Axe - x5 copyist bj ems eys x1 rip akat clothin x3 anbu vest x1 shark skin x4 scrap iron

Claws - x10 scrap iron ,x10 broken shurikens x2 shark skin

Chain Sickle- x10 shark skin x10 shark tooth x1 broken shuriken

Naginata- x1 for of demon x10 scrap iron x5 broken shurikens x 3 lumber

Scythe- x15 scrap iron x3 shark skin x2 broken shurikens

Staff- x50 lumber x 3 wooden spike

tonfas- x5 wooden spikes x 10 lumber x 1 copyist ems eye x1 old bandages

Nunchucks- x 5 lumber x8 scrap iron x 2 sage eyes

-common req - x5 lumber,x5 shark skin , x5 scrap iron

-Rare req - x20 scrap iron ,x5 shark skin, x2 sage eyes

-Epic req - x1 bijuu furs , x 10 scrap iron ,x5 ripped akatsuki clothing,x3 broken shurikens(reqs may change)
[Image: d873f1d6-ac8f-4eb3-87db-9f510bbc4c8f_zpss8jwt9uy.png]

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