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Guide Blacksmith NPC


will be a npc found in every village asking for materials an ryo to make the weapon

Windmill Shuriken(ryo amount will always be 25k)

Bow -  x1 wooden spike - x10 lumber x1 ripped akatsuki clothing

Blowgun - x10 lumber x2 kisame tooth

Spear - x5 shark tooth x20 lumber x1 old bandages

Katana- x5 broken shurikens 10 lumber x 3 shark skin

Axe - x5 copyist bj ems eys  x1 rip akat clothin x3 anbu vest x1 shark skin x4 scrap iron

Claws - x10 scrap iron ,x10 broken shurikens x2 shark skin

Chain Sickle- x10 shark skin x10 shark tooth x1 broken shuriken

Naginata- x1 for of demon x10 scrap iron x5 broken shurikens x 3 lumber

Scythe- x15 scrap iron x3 shark skin x2 broken shurikens

Staff- x50 lumber x 3 wooden spike

tonfas- x5 wooden spikes x 10 lumber x 1 copyist ems eye x1 old bandages

Nunchucks- x 5 lumber x8 scrap iron x 2 sage eyes

Materials: will have a 5% chance of dropping an some materials will be link to certain mobs only
Scrap iron - any boss mob
lumber - any mob  except critters
wooden spike - hashirama or zetsu only
sage eyes - sage roco only
shark skin - kisame only
shark tooth- kisame only
broken shuriken - any boss mob
old bandages - mu only
anbu vest - Anbu mob,Hanzo only
ripped akatsuki clothing - Dark Indigo only
Ems eys - copyist bjisboss only
Fur of the Demons - Any bijuu

but these weapons will not be normal they will come with a socket (except the windmil)
on top with a socket it will come with a random ability
-10% melee critchance(increases ur crit chance by 10%)
-5% more chance to get a perfect hit (means hitting ur max dmg with it)
-5% more exp when wearing this weapon
-2% drop rat increase
-5% chance to slow on hit
-10% chance to knock back on hit
wire windmil only - will get a boomerang effect shoots out 10 tiles then returns to the
owner 10 sec delay between throws
Weapons will now be in ranges (where the perfect hit ability comes in) ranges will not
effect range weapons bow and blowgun.
the weapon will now have a chance to hit form the weapons base damage to the user Taijutsu
so example
Chain Sickle-Damage: 5000 user Tai = 8000 user will now be able to hit from 5000-8000
when landing a attack if user Tsi is below base user will hit the base only.
        damage = 5000
        DodgeRate += 10

        damage = 5000

        damage = 5000

        damage = 7000

        damage = 5000

        damage = 2550

        damage = 5000

        damage = 5000

        damage = 5000

        damage = 5000

        damage = 5000

        damage = 5000

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