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when you become chuunin you Specialise in either Assault Assassin or Sentry, and this choise effects for your next ranks
if you chose Assault you Join Jounin Ranks, they can party and train with other people
if you chose Sentry you Join ANBU Ranks, they are alerted if someone is doing crimes within their country (Village/Outside Village) and their job is to kill that person
if you chose Assassin you Join Hunter Ranks, they gain Bingo Book they will hunt down everyone with Bounty


Genin: 5 level, 1 bunshin, henge and kawarimi, pass genin test
Chuunin: 15 level Genin, kill Lee in forest of death
Tokubetsu Jounin: 30 level Chuunin, Assault Specialisation
Jounin Troop: 50 level Tokubetsu,
Jounin Leader: 70 level Jounin
Jounin Commander: kage chooses
ANBU Trainee: 30 level Chuunin, Sentry Specialisation
ANBU Troop: 50 level ANBU Trainee,
ANBU Captain: 70 level ANBU
ANBU Commander: kage chooses
Hunter Trainee: 30 level Chuunin, Assassin Specialisation
Hunter Troop: 50 level Hunter Trainee,
Hunter Captain: 70 level Hunter
Hunter Commander: kage chooses
Kage: 80 level, pass Admin test

Genin/Chuunin Missions
D rank: 5000 exp and 1000 ryo
- Kill 10 rogue ninjas
- kill 5 Village shinobi of selected village
- Collect information from the Spy
C rank: 10000 exp and 2500 ryo
- Kill Rock Lee
- Investigate orochimaru hideout
- Capture Forest Of Death Area

Jounin Missions:
B rank: 50000 exp and 5000 ryo
- Kill 4 Snake Henchman
- Kill Sasuke
- Kill Kabuto
A rank: 200000 exp and 7500 ryo
- Kill Hanzo
- Kill Orochimaru
- Kill Hashirama
S rank: 500000 exp and 10000 ryo
- Kill Mu
- Kill Kisame
- Kill Zetsu
SS rank: 1000000 exp and 15000 ryo
- Kill Copyist Bjisboss
- Kill Dark Indigo
- Sage Roco

ANBU Missions:
B rank: 100000 exp and 5000 ryo
- Investigate a selected outside village (change it so person needs to stand for 20 seconds in 3 keypoints that show on the minimap)
- Escort npc that follows you like bunshin to selected village and dies in one hit(switches map with you)
- Patrol you need to stand for 10 seconds in 10 keypoints inside your village and 10 keypoints outside your village (keypoints show on the minimap)
A rank: 400000 exp and 7500 ryo
- Investigate a selected village (change it so person needs to stand for 20 seconds in 3 keypoints that show on the minimap)
- Capture your villages boss area
- Find and speak to spy within village (can be any village shinobi npc, if that npc dies mission fails)
S rank: 1000000 exp and 10000 ryo
- Investigate village kage house of selected village (change it so person gotta stand 20 seconds in kage office, kage room and mission room)
- Capture random boss area
- Steal the hidden Scroll from selected village
SS rank: 2000000 exp and 15000 ryo
- Throughfully Investigate a selected village (change it so person needs to stand for 20 seconds in 10 keypoints that show on the minimap)
- Prisoner, npc prisoner is within random villages cells, you must break in, talk to prisoner then escort him back to own village
- Assasinate random player within 5 seconds after first hit

Hunter Missions:
B rank: 150000 exp
- Win 1 arena fight
- Finish 1 Chuunin Bounty
- Finish 1 Trainee Bounty
A rank: 600000 exp
- Win 2 arena fights
- Finish 1 Troop Bounty
- Finish 1 Captain Bounty
S rank: 1500000 exp
- Win 3 arena fights
- Finish 1 Commander Bounty
- Finish 5 Bounties
SS rank: 3000000 exp
- Weaken target player within 10% of his health then use capture verb(he still dies and respawns), his body drops and you gotta bring it to mission npc
- Finish 2 Commander Bounties
- Finish 1 Kage Bounty

System Rules:
every anbu within village is alerted when crime is being done within their country, their job is to kill the crime doer
crimes: stealing scroll, talking to spy, capturing area, investigating, freeing prisoner, killing someone, escorting within their country (village and outside village)
when anbu handles these alerts he will get rewarded S rank mission rewards of 1000000 exp and 10000 ryo

all kill missions ignore everyone who is afk people, within hospital/academy below chuunin rank and people 50 levels above mission taker at the moment mission is taken
if there is no missions available it will say "no missions at the moment" and hunter will get 15% of his max exp and mission will go into cooldown
make bingo book remember peoples bounties better, so if someone has party he logs out and logs in he still has that bounty active

party will be changed so party leader gets 1.5x exp while members get 1x exp[/color]
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