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Guide Techniques Guide

PASSIVE: handsign reading (when handsigns are used within users screen, it would tell what jutsu is coming)
Sharingan - Activate in life and death situation
1. 1 tomoe - give GenjutsuConfusedharingan with slow and freeze effects
2. 2 tomoe - gives miss and handsign effects to genjutsu
3. 3 tomoe - gives damage and control effects to genjutsu and 1 unique 3 tomoe move
-itachi - crow genjutsu
-sasuke - conceal
-madara - time
-izuna - sharingan kawarimi
-shisui - shisui shunshin
-obito - jikukan ido
4. Copy - Copy Technique target uses, shields user for few seconds
5. Izanagi (Hidden Req) - checks users health and starts draining chakra when user uses the move again or dies his health is restored to the saved point
6. Izanami (Hidden Req) - checks targets health and waits for 10 seconds, then checks it again, damage done during that 10 seconds is repeated every 10 seconds afterwards
7. MS - gives Amaterasu (clicable), Susanoo (dmg reducer), Tsukiyomi (forced arena fight with user having advantage) and 1 unique MS move and 1 unique susanoo move
-itachi - adv. tsukiyomi and yata mirror
-sasuke - adv. amaterasu and indra no ya
-madara - adv. susanoo and tengai shinsei
-izuna - adv.genjutsu and totsuga no tsurugi
-shisui - kotoamatsukami and needles
-obito - jikukan yokeru and kamui shuriken
8. EMS - Gives user unique moves of the eye he steals and he will no longer go blind
9. Rinnegan (Hidden Req) - user gets rinnegan with sharingan moves

PASSIVE: chakra point sealing = critical hit takes 10% of enemy chakra
1. Kaiten - Shields for a second
2. Jyuuken - Increases punch damage and takes chakra each hit
3. Shugohakke - Shield
4. Kuushou - 2 tile AoE that has knockback
5. Jukenpo Ichigekishin - 1 tile AoE
6. Hakke Hasangeki - 1 tile AoE
7. Byakugan - boosts crit rate and at mastery increases screensize. gives Hakke Shou with 32 palms
 - 12x12 - gives Hakke Shou is 64 palms
 - 15x15 - gives Hakke Shou is 128 palms and Juho Soshiken (increases crit chance) byakugan search (allows user to move his screen around withouth moving himself)
8. Shotei - on hit enemy is Knockedback
9. Tenseigan (Hidden Req) - user gets tenseigan with byakugan moves

PASSIVE: decreased chakra cost on all jutsus  by 10%
1. Taijutsu - Custom Taijutsu with 25 points
2. Projectile - Custom Projectile with 15 points, 2 speed
3. Control - Custom Control with 19 points, 2 speed
4. Wave - Custom Projectile with 13 points, 2 speed and 5 tile size
5. Projectile - Custom Projectile with 24 points, 2 speed
6. AoE - Custom Ninjutsu Aoe with 20 points
7. Wave - Custom Projectile with 12 points, 2 speed and 7 tile size

PASSIVE: hardened bones = kaguya takes 10% less damage
1. Tsubaki - makes bone sword into inventory
2. Teshi Sendan - Shoots 2 projectiles from users sides
3. Bone Graveyard - Catches enemy in bones, he must break through it to move again
4. Tessenka Tsuru - creates spine whip into inventory
5. Sawarabi - 8 tiles big AoE where it hits chessboard like pattern, dense to others but user
6. Yanagi - 2 tile AoE that causes bleed and knocksback
7. Karamatsu - Enters mode where user cannot punch, but when he is punched enemy also gets damaged
8. Tessenka Hana - makes big bone drill into hand and dashes few tiles after that free movement where user can hit&run through enemies

PASSIVE: agility = cannot be slowed
1. Puppy - Genin (for dog gain stats it you need to set 5 dog stat points into him, that desides how much it gets every level)
2. Tsuuga - makes you move fast by whirling hitting one target
3. Tenga - like tsuuga but goes through enemy and bleeds
4. Juujin Bunshin - turn your dog into clone of you, needed for many attacks
5. Gatsuuga - tsuuga but adds dog into it with you
6. Gatenga - tenga but adds dog into it with you
7. Sotoro - Fuses you with dog, in this mode you are stronger and able to use garouga
8. Garouga - Stronger and bigger version of Tsuuga in Sotoro, but reduces your screensize 

Dog Techniques
1. - Basic Commands
-Dog Attack - makes dog attack
-Dog Movement - left, down, up right to move dog manually instead of clicking
-Dog Sleep - makes dog go into your inventory to regain hp
-Dog Call - teleports dog to you
-Pet Follow - dog walks behind you all the time
-Pet Guard - makes dog walk to your target
-Pet Side - merges dog into your icon, so you walk together
-Pet View - changes your view so your screen is at dog
2. Claw - makes dog dash and hit with its claws
3. Bite - makes dog hit multiple times causing bleed
4. Gatsuuga2 - makes dog use tsuuga
5. Gatenga2 - makes dog use tenga
6. Dynamic Marking - dog dash and mark enemy (makes screen flash yellow)

PASSIVE: bugs = bugs help cure static effects faster
1. Create Bugs - gives user 15 bugs
2. Konchuu Yoroi - heals user slowly and allows him to take single hit withouth damage
3. Kikaichu - summons kikaichus based on your rank, start with 3 and end with 9 controllable kikaichus (these are controlled by clicking with mouse)
4. Mushidama - 2 tile AoE, deals damage and freezes target

PASSIVE: strength = will deal 10% more damage with taijutsu
1. Clan Pills - from chouji npc for 10000 ryo
2. Baika No Jutsu - increases users taijutsu, at later stage makes user bigger
3. Nikudan Sensha - makes user moveable ball that can run through enemies
4. Choharite - makes 3x3 attack infront of user
5. Bubun Baika - Shoots hand as 1 tile projectile with dense trail
6. Calorie Control - gives user boost and chakra wings
7. Chodan Bakugeki - with either 3rd pill or calorie control, you can use this extremely powerful punch

PASSIVE calculative = levels faster
1. kage shibari - control shadow (by arrow keys) to catch multiple enemies
2. kage kubi shibaru - strangle everyone caught in shadow
3. kage mane - control shadow like shibari but can catch only one enemy, when caugh enemy will move like you
4. kage bakuha - Shadow Blast out of the end of the shadow (abit buggy for now)

PASSIVE: sensory = will be born with sense skill, can see people on minimap
1. Shintenshin no Jutsu - 1 tile invis projectile allows you control enemy
2. Shinranshin no Jutsu - 3 tiles wide invis projectile which forces enemies to hurt themself
3. Shinten Bunshin no Jutsu - 3 tiles wide invis projectile that allows you to control up to 2 targets hit
4. Shinten Kugutsu no Jutsu - uses kawarimi, if enemy hits it you gain control of them
5. Shinten Kugutsu Juuin no Jutsu - places down a static puppet that looks like the user, can spectate through, if a player hits the puppet you will gain control of them.
6. Shinten Mekkyaku no Jutsu - 1 tile invis projectile that damages and disorient movement
7. Shinten Boukyaku no Jutsu - 3 tiles wide invis projectile that makes targets unable to use jutsus for 10 secs
8. Shinten Ranbu no Jutsu (Hidden Req) - hits everyone in 7x7 aoe with Shinranshin no jutsu

1. Iaido - AoE hits 1 tile around user (buke increases damage to 1.4x)
2. Iaido Shisshou - dashes 5 tiles (buke increases range from 5 to 7)
3. Iaigiri - very strong slash, but hits only 1 tile infront of user  (buke decreases cooldown from 10s to 3s)
4. Shunpo - teleports behind target (buke decreases cooldown from 20s to 10s)
5. Hadan - 3 tile wide projectile slash (buke adds 1x tai dmg on top)
6. Buke Zukuri - increases damage by 1.2x and powers up samurai moves

PASSIVE: small chance to survive killing blow
1. Scythe - from the very start user gets scythe that has chance to cause bleed
2. Curse - makes 3x3 circle, when user is inside it he takes halved damage
3. Shiji Hyoketsu - make enemy bleed, take his blood and then use this, when you step into curse circle enemy takes all damage you take and he loses small amount of hp every second

Clay moulder
PASSIVE - takes less damage from explosions
1. Clay Create - gives user 10 pieces of clay
2. Katsu - explodes any clay in world
3. Spider - 1 spider that is controlled by clicking
4. Clay Bird - Shoots 2 birds, can be exploded midair
5. Centipede - Shoots long clay centipede, can be exploded
6. Dragon and Bombs - summons clay dragon
7. C3 - makes big clay doll, that explodes 7x7 AoE
9. C0 - kills user and makes him blow up in 10x10 AoE

PASSIVE - large chakra = gain 100 extra Chakra for every point spent on stamina
1. Soshakusame - Bites the user 1 tile infront user dmg based on taijutsu causes bleed
2. Suiben - hits 4 tiles side ways infront 2 left side and 1 up on right side dmg based on mostly nin and a bit of taijutsu
3. Suikoubakuha - Shoots a huge shark that explode on impact(2x2 explosion dmg based on nin)
4. Suirou - 1 tile use the user traps the target inside of a water prison hitting the target trapped inside with drowning damage it can be broken by breaking it with the F key
5. Suihoudan - Shoots a blast of water (1 tile projectile that knocks back )fast projectile
6. Shark Mode - Skin turns into a shark increase nin dmg 0.5x in this mode shark bite dmg is doubled and damage is reduced by 15% in this mode

PASSIVE - Trained Handseals = halved hand seal time
1. Create bees - user creates 25 bees
2. Hachi Kakyoku - disorients anyone 3 tiles near user, making taijutsu miss and ninjutsu fail by a 50% chance
3. Hachi Bakudan no Jutsu - when used, for a duration the user can click anywhere to control bees trajectory in air that will explode on impact or when they run out of time
4. Hachimitsu no Jutsu - summons 1 AI bee cluster, attacks on collision, the bee cluster becomes a blob of honey when killed, and the honey slows like caltrops.
5. Hachi Senbon no jutsu - makes all your summoned bees fire Stingers in the direction they are facing

PASSIVE - Fast Recovery = you take halved damage from poison/burn/bleed and Katon: Tenrou
1. Kibakuin - sets a exloding seal on floor when hitting the (Explode verb also used for tags) is rig to exlode doin 1/4th the users nin dmg
2. Kongou Fuusa - user shoots controllable chakra chain that has dense trail, on hit makes target unable to use jutsus
3. Kongou Gekiryuu - shoots 3 tile wave of chains with trail (getting hit or stepping on the trail will freeze target for 2 sec)
4. Kongou Kekkai - the user creates a 10x10 size area like ice mirrors, but around themself, which traps user and target within, user takes 25% less damage
5. Fuuinryoku - slows handseals and doubles chakra costs of target
6. Kyuuinfu - for the next 15 sec target will lose 1% of their chakra every second if hit by jutsu
7. Rikujouin - big seal on the ground that sends out sealing jutsu text in all directions stepping on the text will pull whoever touches them to the center

PASSIVE - Blood Drain = you gain 1% health back from every blood puddle you walk on
1. Ketsuryuugan - boosts users ninjutsu and gives the moves
2. Genjutsu - 3 tile wide invisible projectile that makes people walk like npc for 5 tiles
3. Shigure - shoots projectiles out of all blood puddles 5 tile near you into direction you face
4. Ketsubaku - puts bomb into person hit with this, user can explode it anytime he wants
5. Kouketsuryuu - 5 tile wave of blood that on hit splatters blood all around person it hit
6. Ketsuryuu - hydra that shields you and you can shoot projectiles out of
7. Chimatsuri - increases the bleed time of person within screen

1. Clanless gets no techniques but he has 40% chance to get specials



PASSIVE: weapons are poisoned (kunai, shuriken, senbon, caltrops and smokebomb)
1. Shikomishidan - Shoots 1 tile Projectile, on hit poisons enemy
2. Multi Shiko - Shoots 3 tile wide Projectile, on hit poisons enemy
3. Dokugiri - Shoots 3x3 poison fog infront of user, on hit poisons enemy

1. Chakra No Mesu: Increases your stats, may screw with enemys movement
2. Tsutenkyaku - 2 tile All Around AoE
3. Shousen - Heals Target when 1 tile close (heals also screwed movement, poison bleed ect)
4. Force Chakra - Releases Genjutsu (Useless for now)
5. Sozo Saisei - Heals yourself (heals also screwed movement, poison bleed ect)
6. Byakugo - Makes all damage take chakra instead of HP, so users chakra must empty before enemy can hit user

Taijutsu Expert
1. Konoha Senpuu - 1 tile AoE around user
2. Goken - Attack Style that does increased punch damage
3. Dynamic Entry - 7 tile dash that on hit does knockback
4. Konoha Shofuu - knocks any weapon out of targets hand
5. Hitori Omote Renge - dashes 7 tiles and paralyzes on hit for few seconds
6. Hachimon - Allows user to open the 8 gates increasing his taijutsu and movement speed, 1 click opens 1 gate
7. Omote Renge - 1 tile close to target in first gate and it will knock them away
8. Ura Renge - Has to be on top of target, it hits twice, needs to be in 3rd gate to use

1. Kurohigi Kiki Ippatsu - you need to catch enemy with trap puppet then use this when attack puppet next to trap puppet
2. Hitokugutsu - No Clan only, this allows you to make puppet out of players, target has to be on low hp so this move will kill him and make the puppet with his stats

Puppet tab includes:fix puppet, P north,P south,P East,P west Puppet knives
,Puppet summon,Shuriken shot ,Puppet trap, Arm Missile , Puppet Attack
Return all puppets & if the person u got the human puppet from had a
Fusion (Puppet Special)

Fuuin Specialist
PASSIVE: 30% chance of getting option to seal bijuu you kill into yourself
1. Fuka Hoin - Shield that last for very short time
2. Keiyaku Fuuin - Releases control target has on someone (doesnt work for now)
3. Gogyo Fuuin and Gogyo Kaiin - halves/unhalves stats of target
4. Infuin - gives chakra at cost of users hp
5. Jikukan kekkai - creates dimension rift that can suck in people or attacks, then spit them out at spot user clicks
6. Ura Shisho - when activated, killing blow on user makes him explode into 10x10 AoE (doesnt work for now)
7. Shishienjin - creates barrier around target, if target walks into it he gets burned

Weapon Specialist
PASSIVE: get 3x the amount of tools you buy
1. Force Explode: Explodes all tag in view regardless of who controls it.
2. Collect: The user collects the next weapon they come in contact with.
3. Kage Shuriken: Duplicates a thrown shuriken, creating a 5-tile wide flurry of projectiles.
4. Camouflage: Creates a hide tile in front of the user, hiding any weapons 1 tile below it.
5. Reflect: Reflects thrown weapons back towards enemy. (senbon, shuriken, kunai, windmill shuriken)
6. Needle Rain: Shoots out a burst of needles in 8 directions.

PASSIVE: 100% crit when hitting players from behind
1. Kagerou - strikes target and goes invis for 7 sec (has to hit a target to go invis)
2. Urakiri - double damage if you hit from behind
3. Rengeki - stabs and poisons
4. Nijuusatsu - hits twice and causes bleed
5. Shikeishuu - hits and teleports to the opposite side of target, then blinds everyone in a 3x3 aoe (5 sec blind)
6. Zetsumei - throws a dagger that damages and marks target
7. Kuragari - goes invis for 7 sec and teleports behind marked target (if no target has been marked, you just go invis, needs to be within same screen to teleport behind marked target)

10% chance to have extension

Kuro Raiton - Raiton Extension
1. Raiton Kuropansa - controllable that goes through anything

Shakuton - Katon Extension
1. Kajosatsu - creates boiling balls around user, user can run through enemies and leave them burning
2. Shinnetsu - Shoots 2 boiling balls from sides of user, leaves enemy burned
3. Netsugen - creates shield that burns anyone 1 tile near user

Shinkuton - Fuuton Extension
1. Renpa - Shoots 5 projectiles in wave formation
2. Gyoku - controllable that explodes in AoE on hit
3. Taigyoku - Shield that bleeds anyone 1 tile close

Bakuton - Doton Extension
1. Jiraiken - punch that causes explosion to hurt anyone within area

Shabondama - Suiton Extension
1. Explode - 1 tile bubble that explodes
2. Drown - 1 tile bubble that drowns enemy
3. Blind - 1 tile bubble that blinds enemy
4. Slime - 1 tile bubble that freezes enemy
10% chance to have ability to fuse your elements

Ranton - Raiton and Suiton Fusion
1. Reiza Sakasu - Shoots 3 projectiles in wave formation

Jinton - Doton and Fuuton Fusion
1. Genkai Hakuri - creates 3x3 cube infront of user

Yoton - Katon and Doton Fusion
1. Yokai no Jutsu - Shoots 7 tile wide projectile
2. Kazangan Gusoku - leaves lava trails behind when user walks, makes punch shield breaker

Futton - Katon and Suiton Fusion
1. Mizuke - user can click on spot to make 3x3 area that do dps
2. Kairiki Muso - The user releases steam through their fists doing more damage when they punch, leaving whoever punched with a burn.
3. Jouki Bakushin - The user creates steam around themselves and dashes forward, passing through anyone in their way leaving them with a burn.
4. Shimeri Jouki - makes 5 tile wave that leaves trail which dps, it has weak initial damage, but can destroy defense/IS
5. Komu no Jutsu - makes 5x5 area around user, this area dps anyone inside it, this lasts 10 seconds
6. Fumoufu - burns anyone who hits user physically, and reduces damage taken

Shoton - Doton and Raiton Fusion
1. Hishin - Creates shield around user which can shoot 1 tile beam forward
2. Suisho To - Creates Crystal blade that deals additional damage on punch
3. Suisho Ro - Freezes target in crystal

Hyoton - Suiton and Fuuton Fusion
1. Hyoton: Sensatsu Suishou - shoots 4 projectiles in line
2. Hyoton: Hissatsu Hyoso - 3 tile wave of ice which leaves trail behind
3. Hyoton: Makyou Hyoushou Ichi - Creates single mirror where user clicks, user can tele to this mirror by using jutsu again
4. Hyoton: Hyoboheki No Engai - creates 3x3 ice dome to shield user and his allies
5. Hyoton: Makyou Hyoushou - creates enclosed area of mirrors, user can switch between them as he wishes by clicking mirror he wants

Mokuton - Doton and Suiton Fusion
1. Mokujoheki - creates 3 trees infront of user to shield him
2. Daijurin - controllable that leaves dense trail behind it
3. Jubaku Eiso - traps target and does damage based your gen
4. Jukai Koutan - Shoots 3 lines of trees from users sides and infront
5. Kajukai Korin - Creates 5x5 big area that paralyzes anyone within it

Jinton - Raiton and Fuuton Fusion
1. Jinsoku - once used for 15 seconds user can click anywhere he wants and teleports in there
2. Mueishou - in this fighting style user teleport to different spot around enemy after each punch (so punch from front you can appear at enemy back or side)
3. Onsoku - next 3 steps user will move 5 tiles at once (like GBW moves 2) and is intagible can move through people and jutsus
4. Shinkirou - invisible till user attacks or is hit, every 3 seconds it shows where user is by showing "afterimage"
5. Sokuryoku - no cooldowns for taijutsu or tools in next 5 seconds, and handsigns totally gone for duration
6. Ukai - user dodges all taijutsus for next 5 seconds
No Clan has 40% chance to get special
Everyone else has 5% chance to get special

Satetsu - iron sand, 20% chance
1. Satetsu - creates 9 pieces of iron sand that is moveable by mouse
2. Shigure - shoots pieces of iron from where iron sand is to direction user facing
3. Kaiho - uses iron sand in area creating 5x5 area around user

Meiton - dark release, 20% chance
1. Kyuketsuko - makes shield around user that absorbs any ninjutsu
2. Jajimento - shoots beam which has damage accumilated from all jutsus hit your shield

Jiton - magnet release, 20% chance
1. Jiryoku - control 1 magnetized tile, iron sand/kunais ect will follow this
2. Gekitai - negative magnetize yourself, every shuriken/kunai to "hit" you will be automaticly sent back
3. Mini Jishaku - throw small shuriken, which leaves magnetism on enemy
4. Jishaku - throw big shuriken at magnetized enemy

Left Eye Sharingan, 15% chance
1. Sharingan - 15% chance on Uchiha Kill
2. Mangekyo - gives Kamui, user can click to create dimension rift to rip enemies apart

Multi Sharingan, 10% chance
1. Sharingan - 10% chance on Uchiha Kill (also 10% chance to get new sharingan)
2. Izanagi - uses eye, but makes user invulnerable for while

Sage Mode, 10% chance, if this happens 50% chance it will be perfect or imperfect
-Perfect Sage Mode
1. Frog Kata - increases users punch distance
2. Oodama Rasengan - creates 2 clones with big rasengans on them
3. Rasenshuriken throw - allows you to throw and explode rasenshuriken
4. Rasenrengan - twin rasengan
-Imperfect Sage Mode
1. Frog Kata - increases users punch distance
2. Oodama Rasengan - creates big rasengan
3. Goemon - creates 5x5 fire infront of user
4. Gamarinsho - creates frog song if enemy is on screen while it ends he will be caught onto genjutsu that cannot be dispelled
-Snake Sage Mode 4% chance
1. Snake Kata - raises users dodge rate by 50, makes him immune to binds and illusion
2. Hakugeki - slows anyone 2 tiles near the dragon
3. Inja - shoots 3 tile projectile
4. Muki Tensei - user can click anywhere on screen for 5 seconds to create 3x3 spikes

Rinnegan, 5% chance
1. Rinnegan - life and death situation if you have it
2. Mastered Rinnegan - gives you paths to use
 -Preta Path - allows you to absorb any jutsus, and drain chakra directly from target
 -Deva Path - allows you to push enemies, pull enemies and create orb that pulls everyone onto it
 -Naraka Path - can heal everyone in village with user, and summon king of hell that can give or drain health
 -Asura Path - can dash, shoot homing missiles, AoEs, 1 tile piercing blast and create mechanical body that reflects damage
 -Human Path - can learn targets stats and slowly drain targets soul
 -Animal Path - can shoot big bird that pierces everything, panda that shields and chameleon that attacks infront of user

Spider, 5% chance
1. Kumonendo - projectile web ball when hits the target it traps them in a bind for 2 seconds if doesn't hit any target it creates web on the floor that will bind anyone that walks on it.
2. Senkyuu - Creates a bow that fires arrows by hitting F with the bow equip the bow will shoot 30 times and break
3. Senkyuu: Suzaku - This moves fires a fast precision shot 1 tile forward this move will always hit critical damage base on 1x nin cause bleed and break any shield
4. Nenkin Yoroi - This armor nullifies any damage for 1 hit then it breaks then you take damage again
5. Kumo Souka - Spits a drop of web on the floor under you anyone but you who steps on it gets binded for 2 seconds.
6. Kumosoukai - Creates a Giant Web AoE 10x10 binding and trapping anyone inside for 2 seconds, anyone in web is slowed and chased by 2 spider npcs

Sand Control, 1% chance
1. Create Sand - Creates sand piece that blocks projectiles.
2. Sand Shield - Creates a shield of sand that blocks most damage. Clicking performs a attack in that direction. Drains 100 chakra per second.
3. Sand Spear - Throws a sand spear forward, slowing on contact for 20 seconds. Drains 200 chakra.
4. Sand Armor - Applies a shield equal to half the user's chakra and blocks damage while active. Lasts 3 minutes; drains 1,000 chakra.
5. Sand Tsunami - Creates a 5-tile wide wave of sand that damages and slows on contact. Lasts 1 minute; drains 1,300 chakra.
6. Sand Shuriken - Launches a sand shuriken that causes bleed damage. 5 second cooldown; drains 100 chakra.

Kakuzu, 1% chance
1. Iryougen- fires a controlable arm which grabs and pulls whatever it hits back to the user
2. Shinzou Sesshu - Steals the heart of a player 1 tile kill move with target on low hp (heart element based on the targets 1st element, works like making human puppet)
3. Summon - Summons a chosen heart demon AI that user chooses when hit that will be his tai or attack special that will be his w.e element move attack
4. Jiongu - the user fuses with his heart demons, allowing him to use their elements

Tenseigan, 1% chance
1. Kuchiyose: Tenseigan Youki -  summons 2 giant eyeballs with 50k health
2. Kousenha - shoots 3 tiles wide beam with the giant eyeballs in the direction user is facing, can shoot as long as eyeballs are out
3. Tenseigan Chakra Mode - gives user 1.5x chakra boost and cloak that reduce all damage taken by 20%
4. Kinrin Tensei Baku - chakra sword which slices 10 tiles infront of the user instantly
5. Kinbou Tensei Baku - green chakra orb, then shoots it forward. Damages and drains chakra on impact; hits the tiles around the orb as well
6. Ginrin Tensei Baku - chakra typhoon. 5x5 AoE that deals damage per second

Specials not by normal Special Chance

PNB - aburame special, 10% chance for aburame, not in special pool
1. Doku Kikaichu - you can leave poison bug onto target, this poison cannot be healed only way to remove this poison is for user himself to withdraw it

Sakin - Gold Dust, not acquired normally, must donate or win tourny
1. Sakin - creates 9 pieces of gold dust that is moveable by mouse
2. Sakin Shigure - shoots pieces of gold from where gold dust is to direction user facing

Shisui Sharingan, uchiha special, 20% chance (each sharingan type except obito has 20% chance)
1. Shisui Shunshin - puts out indicator user can move and teleport at any moment
2. Kotoamatsukami - shoots invis projectile, if hits you gain control of enemy

Obito Sharingan, uchiha special, 1% chance
1. Jikukan Ido - teleports you or Target into dimension, when teleporting out of dimension you choose map you want to appear in, and move spot till exact place you want to appear in
2. Jikukan Ido Summon - summons anyone inside your dimension to you
3. Jikukan Yokeru - makes you undense, all attacks go through you and you can walk through dense objects
4. Kamui - creates dimensional rift whereever you click

Special Items:
White Fang Tanto
1. Wear - increases damage and adds bleed effect

Yellow Flash Kunai
1. Hirashin Kunai - throws kunai, on hit or second click you appear where kunai is
2. Hirashin Tag - tags person you use it on
3. Hirashin Step - teleports you behind the person you have tagged

Green Beast Weights
1. Wear - when off you move 2 tiles with each step and gain double exp from mob kills

Asuma's Chakra Knives
1. Wear - increases your punch damage
- Katon = hits 3 tiles wide area infront of user
- Fuuton = no attack delay on punches
- Doton = knockback on hit
- Suiton = hits every direction except diags, needs normal hit for this effect to come
- Raiton = shield break
2. Chakra Blade Throw - throws your knives, with your elements effect
 - Katon = makes throw 3 tile wide projectile, adds users nin into damage
 - Fuuton = makes throw so fast you dont see it move till it hits
- Doton = hits multiple times
 - Suiton = makes AoE on hit
 - Raiton = shield break

Kage Relics - kage can choose one at 750 personal reputation
- 1st hokage's necklace (gives the holder 10k extra hp and 20 hp regn per sec)-when equiped
- Raijin no Ken (the user punch in 3x2, 10 crit, 2% chance to slow on hit)
- Sand Gourd (gives the holder 10k chakra and 20 chakra regn per sec)
- Crecent Moon Fan (when punching the user releases a small gust that hits 3x3 infront of the user(3 sec CD on making of AOE), deflects ninja tools in the aoe, boosts fuuton jutsus by 5%)
- Hero's Water (replenish 10k of the users hp and chakra, 45 CD)
- Yagura's Club (10 crit, knockback, 20% chance to reflect incomming tai/nin damage)
- Gelel Stone (Gives the holder a passive hp regeneration (100 every 3 sec))
- Petrifaction Gauntlets (boosts doton jutsus by 5%, when the user punches, there is a 50% chance to petrify a part of the target)
- Supervibravo Swords (crit 15, 10% chance to slow on every hit (slow last 3 sec), hits in cross pattern (left,front,right and back)
- Vambraces (increases exp gain by 2x, no delay punch, boost raiton by 5%)
- Kusanagi - (negates all damage reduction and opponent takes your full damage)
- Seishingan (once eaten increases exp gain by 2x, gives 50 hp and chakra regen every 3 seconds, lasts 60s and has 60s cooldown)
- Meitou Masamune - gives 20 dodge, heals 10% of users hp based on damage done on target so if you hit mob for 8k you heal 800 health
- Youtou Muramasa - gives 15 crit, causes bleed damage 5 ticks

Seven Swordsmen of the Mist Swords
Kubikiri Houcho - you can throw it and slash 3 tile line infront of user, kills increase damage, count resets on death
Samehada - any hit drains chakra and gives it to user, you can also hit projectiles in air
Kiba -slash dmg based on nin and every slash shoots 1 tile projectile
Hiramekarei - knockback and Breaks shields
Nuibari - always bleeds, can be thrown and controlled, anyone pierced ends up in the spot control ends
Kabutowari - does either knockback or shield break
Shibuki - has chance to explode and deal nin dmg

Akatsuki Rings
Nagato - Has a 5% chance to absorb jutsu instead of being hit.
Deidara - Has a 5% chance to explode, knockback and burn enemy on any hit.
Konan - Has a 5% chance on hit to drop piece of paper with the health user lost.
Itachi - Has a 5% chance to apply genjutsu on enemy on any hit.
Zetsu - Has a 5% chance to leave chakra draining spore on any hit.
Orochimaru - Has a 5% chance to steal 10% of damage done from enemy health on any hit.
Kisame - Has a 5% chance to steal 10% of damage done from enemy chakra based on any hit.
Kakuzu - has 5% chance to do critical hit with elements.
Hidan - Has a 5% chance to bleed enemy on any hit.
Sasori - Has a 5% chance to poison enemy on any hit.

Scroll Jutsus
these can be dropped by any mob purple is general then element techs are their respective color, you can learn only own elements
Grand Fireball - Shoots out a Large 3x3 Fire ball hitting 1.5x your nin dmg(2k chakra drain,40 sec c.d,)leaves burn effect also upon hit gives of a 3x3 explosion
Mekkyaku - Shoots out 7 tile wave

Teikatsu - Slows down enemies in close proximity to the user (5x5 aoe, 500/s drain,20 sec c.d)
Rasenshuriken - huge damage move
Kaitenshuriken - creates objects rotating around user that protects user from hits
Atsugai - big 3x3 projectile that explodes on contact

Sekkai Koutensuban - creates a stone shield on the user with hp based on 25% of the user chakra(2k chakra to use )(20 sec cd)

Surge - Fires a slow 3x3 blast piercing blast of lighting hitting up to and ignores dmg reductions
Chidori - Attack that more chakra is consumed stronger it becomes
Raikiri - Attack that more chakra is consumed stronger it becomes
Raiden - makes a bunshin and lightning line between you and bunshin
Yoroi - converts all your ninjutsu into taijutsu, gives a dash on double tap arrowkey
Kirin - controllable that deals alot damage

Asa kujaku - freezes enemy and deals damage
Hirudora - shoots 1 tile projectile that poisons on hit

Sokushaken - shoots 5 projectiles in a formation
Futagu kiru - dashes user forward
Senpuuzan - lashes enemy 1 tile near
Attouteki - shoots slow 1 tile projectiles
Twin stance - boosts users moves

Sound Wave - Fighting style with 15% Chance of Movement Screw on every melee hit
Big Bang - chargeable move that increases damage and radius longer it is charged, can hit whole map
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