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Ideas for NNA

Tai specialist- Senpuu(konoha senpuu), should invoke the animation that's present in its preview box. possible a damage increase, 1.2x your current taijutsu stat.

Event info- When an event comes on, an event info option would be under "Join," and give a small box info on what the event about, and a small picture preview.

A in-game link to specific guides on forums,(Most individuals get lost in navigating the forums for the first time.

Tool shop items remodeled- Nunchucks,spear,staff, naginata, claw, axe, sycthe, chain sickle, and tonfas should scale with tai.

Boss Rouges- Increase damage, health, and experience from killing the rouge npc in the bosses map.

Shunshin mastery- Lessens the cooldown after continuous use of the jutsu.

Vendor point- Ryo scroll to increase ryo gain by 50-100% for an hour.

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