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Sound Kage Relics

Sword of Kusanagi - +20 critical rate, All damage from Sword ignores damage reduction
Melee: 70% Bleed chance on slash, 1.4x Tai
Control: Sword controlled with Up,Down,Left,Right commands. Pierces targets, 100% bleed chance, 1x tai+0.5x nin damage

Resonating Echo Speaker - Dodge rate applies to chance to deflect incoming kunai/shuriken
Passive: the user punch creates a 3x2 aoe infront of them that deal damage equal to 0.9x genjutsu, 40% chance to slow enemies for 1 sec/300 gen
Resonating Echo Drill: 3 tile wide projectile, dmg=1.9x gen, 33% change to slow, 33% chance to blind for 2 sec, 33% change to screw movements

possibly edit the numbers if they seem off or unbalanced but sound needs relics too  Sad - Teen Titans rap! like and share! Support my career!
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