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Kaneme's suggestions

Core stats would be Health, Stamina, Chakra, Taijutsu, Ninjutsu, Genjutsu

Supplemental stats would be Power, Cunning, Speed,

Stamina will act as the resource for taijutsu/ninjutsu skills.

Chakra will act as the resource for ninjutsu/genjutsu skills.

Players will be-able to  exchange their resources whenever they want by
Press Q to channel their chakra to stamina
press E to channel their stamina to chakra
press X to transfer stamina and chakra into health

currently still working on some ideas for this but I'm thinking of having a stat tree similar to these things for this top section.
[Image: blank_naruto_stats_wheel_by_therebelcreator-d9op7t3.gif]


Somewhat relevant to the suggestion above I believe all 5 elements should their first skill do roughly the same DPS as each other. (particularly without needing to dump everything into ninjutsu for instance throw a boulder) for the sake of keeping things simple to new players, first skills should have their base damage calculated by player level.

make projectiles no longer spawn under you when casting, make them always start from 1 tile in front of the user.
Make boulder not spawn its damaging tiles (at higher jutsu levels) 4 tiles away its being picked up and thrown. Not summoned out of thin air. (not to sound biased but nff had boulder down about how it worked.)

Second element should be chosen (some people just have a favorite ok ._. and remaking cause of elements is just tedious)
Chances of having a fusion depends on if you chose the correct second element (with a chance none of them would have been right mahahaha)

Still thinking of suggestions let me know if any of these are close to being a good idea but still need work xD

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