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Fighting style category

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For the fighting styles it best to add in () of what clans and profession can only use this fighting style to give new players the information that no they cant obtain any, unless there this that or that, or have this profession.

Possible suggestion
Uchiha Taijutsu- increases  chances to nullify player or npc attack base technique, and increases dodge rate(stacks with sharingan.

Leaf/Rock Taijutsu- only player of this villages:Lead,Rock, can obtain these fighting styles, allows for a boost in crit by 25, increases attack speed, and boost damage done with (taijutsu base techniques by 10%.

Rock Tai- Allows attacks to do knock back, and low chances bone break upon contact, increases damage reduction by 5%, and allows user to charge there punches for strong attack(charge attack verb, or hold F)

Taijutsu Master Chen npc- Gives option to learn any fighting style in game for a price or requirement, in turn only can pick one.

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