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Sannin Rank(Potential)

I can see Sannin being only three player base, the requirement would be level based like a high one, and personal repuation wise, it could be any village but there can only be one.

Rank challange for the rank is possible, only if you have the requirement for the Sannin rank itself. Have a Staff member present for it.
If the member of the Sannin rebirth the slot would open, and if you want the spot it'll give a prompt to the player who acquire the requirements for it, now if you have the requirement already, yo just need one level up to get the prompt, now the rank would fixate on who stronger stat wise, in case two people end up getting the prompt at the same time.

Sannin Benefits-
An armor from the time they fought hanzo gives a damage reduction, Chakra boost, and crit.
An unique title of Legendary Sannin
An expereince boost 10% for

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