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Ideas for NNA IG

We can introduce water walking and water walking training to increase chakra, have a little drop anaimation when you walk on the water, there can be a stat for example 1/10 chakra control only method to increase this stat is either walking on water with the water walking verb, and or use ninjutsu base related techniques, it could have a small tab where you can see the amount of expereince it needs to level up that 1/10 to 2/10 etc.

Add in a Handseal mastery in stats tab, 100% would be the max, and under it Jutsu speed to in turn give the players a reason to practice there jutsu to get there speed at using them as well as cooldown and chakra consumuption down.

Passive for all clans/fusion abilities- Will either be 1/5, 1/10, or 1/15, can range from making there jutsu stronger, to increase range, speed at which jutsu is luanch, the range, chakra consumption, or get the fully capability of the jutsu from. to increase it would be using it, level it up via investing skill points, or by leveling it could level up and it'll notifiy you when it happens, or all the above.

More cirtters, critters outside villages, new ones, ones that has actually health to them, you can a good amount of expereince from, or in turn use to kill in order to get materials to take back to the village to use to make ingreidents for food, in which you can stock in the inventory to regain health and chakra.(doesnt work in Arena)

A Chef npc in all villages- gives you food, for health regain, or drinks for Chakra, you would need ingriedents from killing rogues and fix chance to drop, or animals like critters outside the villages or inside it.

Tutorial should in turn be given an option to do a full body, conver for cover tutorial after defeating hatake or completeing that mission, send the players to a newbie zone, where they can in turn fight rogues, do newbie zone training till level 20, then they'll be prompt to leave. There would be a genin exam linside that newbie zone, a few pop ups from talking to npc that in turn give them info for this and that, rock lee would be there too, ro a copy, in a training area, they can die in there, but would sent to a newbie zone exclsuive hosptile, and can try again, would be some random npc that would be in there as strong as village shinobi to kill, there would be a mission npc, only give you mission pertaining to that area, to stack up reps in there too.

An event that would in turn reward players for rep, could add in a function for players who gain the most out of the event to be rewarded with personal rep, like the MVP.

Afk verb should be shown in option or has its own tab, since its not shown to player, only way to access this verb is marcoing it, if you know its there.

There could be a soundtrack orignal or remix, in certaina rea where you enter you get a peaceful naruto ost playing in the background, or when in the wilderness you get a bird chirping, from time to time, randomly.

The game when you log off is seeing a white screen and a picutre that says nna, could probably add some designs on the white parts, then give the player a prompt or message to clcik the screen, then they go to the load new or delete section.

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