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Ideas for personal rep gain

Well since the introduction of the Kage relic, that requirement, is a challange, that is for sure, especially for the Kages that are the only ones able to gain them, unlike ssm/Akats who gets there stuff via just ask a gm, What I like to suggest are some possible rep including into most but not all events.

Capture the Flag~
When you score you gain village reputation, but what if the personl who score directly gets both Village reputation and personal, to be fair, personal rep is like a  goal, a potential Title, when you reach a lot of it, you gain a New rank for example, so scoring after going through killing players or avoiding and scoring for the team should in turn give some personal rep, like 5 just like the Village rep, but only for the person whoa actually scored.

Personal Rep title system~
3Options for each village/org
Leaf~Hero of the Leaf, The last Uchiha(uchiha exclusive), Kage Successor(req would be 750 personal rep,Jounin and above, and partipate in 5wars, and level 65 above)
Mist~BloodThirst,Demon Latern, 2nd Coming of the Demon
Rock~Bomb Expert, Particle Traction, The Earth
Cloud~Right Hand man, Nintai Master, Lightning prodigy
Sand~ Master of the Sand, Elder, Puppet Master
Iron~Blade of Faith,Follower of Honor, Masterswordsman
Akatsuki~Savoir, God, Path of Pain
Seven swordsman~The Seven Master, The Chosen, Battle Hungry
Hawk~Peacemaker, The Avenger, Senor-er 

Killing players and completing bounty Missions could reward players rep reputation
The higher the player rank or statues the more personal rep you can receive
Hunter nin/Jounin-1

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