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Tutorial Change

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The current tutorial is not bad, but it could be way better then it is right now, its a bit too simple, does give you the info you need, but I believe it could be longer, and more challenging, to get the newbies, a sneak peak in what they going to experience, because most newbies, speed thru the tutorial, missing stuff, so here my take on its add on.

The Quest Book~
The small guide book above the hp, should be bigger on the screen to be honest, its almost never used, and how about  adding a little arrow direction to the tutorial so the newbies could see the book, and in turn use it to actually finish it, help get to that level 15 real quick to be honest. the more you know.

Actually make the npc in tutorial actually dies, and throws shuriken as well as damage you, and potentially summons clones, that has sword, and can also attack, cause bleed, they will die and be sent to the db, and go back to the tutorial spawn till they can beat him, we can add a second room in that area above where the critters to kill rogues, till they reach level 10, then go off and kill hayato, win sent to the thing, of course taken into consideration, thee genin test can be taken in the tutorial, if you skip it just go to the academy.

Adding an a guide link to the element when they get genin in tutorial, as well as the play tutorial pop up link after finishing tutorial with the training methods, to prevent repliedless sending forum link, when people dont look up for guide link.
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