Uchiha rinnegan perks and susanoo upgrade

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Uchiha individual jutsus perks in rinnegan
+ Madara: multi click tengai shinsei for next 5 sec
+ Sasukes: indra no ya explodes in 7x7 aoe on hit that last 5 sec (does the same as current denpou sekka on impact)
+ Izuna: permanent genjutsu (genjutsu cant be kai'd)
+ Itachi: tsukuyomi does DPS to enemies (gen based DPS) 
+ Shisui: shoots green needles in 6 waves in all 8 directions instead
+ Obito: 3x3 DPS kamui that sucks ppl into it enemies within 7x7 aoe will be sucked towrards the kamui

Susanoo upgrade; works like gates (rest to cancel)
susanoo power build up 1% every sec

power req:
stage 1 = 0%
stage 2 = 20%
stage 3 = 40%
stage 4 = 60%
stage 5 = 80%
Rinnagan suss = 100% with rinnegan activated

stage 1: rib cage, 400/HP drain (allows use of susanoo attack) 10% dmg redu (madara suss start at 20%)
stage 2: bones, 350/HP drain (allows use of magatama) 20% dmg redu
stage 3: armor, 300/HP drain  (allows use of susanoo type signature jutsu) 30% dmg redu
stage 4: Samsara, 250/HP drain 40% dmg redu, cant be bound by bind jutsus
stage 5: complete, 200/HP drain 50% dmg redu, susanoo attack will now be a 3 tiles wide chakra slash projectile
Rinnegan susanoo: 150/hp drain 60% dmg redu, boost all dmg 25%
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