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Custom Faction Changes

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When creating your faction, there should be an input box that comes up immediately afterwards that has a list of colors should come up. Upon selecting a color from the list, that will become the color that represents your faction:
--Color of members' names
--Color of faction name text in ooc
--It would also be nice if all territory flags changed color according to which faction was in control (leaf=green, akat=red, cloud=gold, etc)
--Side note: Colors such as dark purple, red, green, blue, etc should not be available due to the fact that other built-in villages/factions already have those colors. This means that the colors from the list on the input box would have to be someone unique.

Custom factions should be added to the list of Village Reputation that appears as a pane/window through clicking the button rather than having to type "Check-Village-Reputation" in the commands. Their faction name would be the color that was chosen upon creation of the faction. However, we don't want the list to be flooded by a bunch of factions that may not even be active so there are a few methods to avoid that.
--Increase the EP cost of creating a faction to 40
--Make it so that faction names don't get added to the Village Rep window until they have atleast one Village Reputation Boost

There should be small houses on a few of the maps designated for factions. No players can enter the houses unless they are members of the faction that claims that house. Similar to the Authenticity section, this would raise the value of custom factions which would call for a rise in EP cost or a way to earn it (Village Reputation Boost). A few potential locations to contain spawns that I've seen are:

--Hidden within caves of Stone country
[Image: oNOWA9gtRi_fBLm3d7D7TA.png]
[Image: _hKJ-FscSei37da9xv_BPw.png]

--A have hidden in a mountain of the wind country
[Image: xofT-DbZTZC8CDb5Nc9BAQ.png]
[Image: lAe9Y0_RRfuoI_QL7dDcBQ.png]

--Random rooms in Orochimaru's hideout (Snake Henchmen don't attack you and you lose exp for killing them)
[Image: S4J8iw-pQ7ufykJMRQyNSA.png]
(There is no second picture because any of the random rooms would make decent spawn points just like the Hawk base)

These are still just ideas and perhaps the staff may know better ways to implement similar ideas while changing the above thoughts. - Teen Titans rap! like and share! Support my career!
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