Nara rework/upgrade:

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PASSIVE: levels fasterĀ 
1. Kage Mane no Jutsu - control shadow like shibari but can catch only one enemy, when caught enemy will move like the user (200/s chakra)
2. Kage Shibari no Jutsu - control shadow (by arrow keys) to catch multiple enemies (stepping on trail will also bind) (200/s chakra)
3. Kageyose no Jutsu - the user summons a shadow in a 3x3 circle around them self binding anyone who steps on the shadow. (same bind as kage shibari)
4. Kage Kubi Shibaru no Jutsu - strangle everyone caught in shadow (5/s CD)
5. Kage Mane Shuriken no Jutsu - the user throws a shadow shuriken that damages and binds whoever gets hit by it. (punch to break out, 20/s CD, same icon as chakra knives)

(Hidden Req)
6. Kage Nui: Shibaku no Jutsu - makes shadow tendrils sprout from the ground attacking everyone bound by users shadow from all 8 direction in a 3x3 aoe, hitting anyone in the way to the targets(damages and bleeds)
7. Kage Nui: Kurohiganbana - shoots shadow tendrils in all 8 direction (getting hit or touching the trail will make it fire again from the spot it made contract with an enemy, trail lasts 5 sec. Does not hurt the user, effect does not trigger when user touches the trails)

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