Kamizuru rework/upgrade:

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PASSIVE: Trained Handseals = halved hand seal time
1. Create bees - as is
2. Hachi Kakyoku - as is
3. Hachi Bakudan no Jutsu - as is (make it so they don't explode when they collide with each other, much like how kage bunshins don't attack each other)
4. Hachimitsu no Jutsu - as is (make it so they don't attack each other when they collide)
5. Hachi Senbon no jutsu - as is
6. Kuchiyose: Joou Bachi - summons the queen bee to attack (3x4 controlable projectile that pierces, all tiles hit)   
7. Hachi no Su: Youchuu Rou(hidden req) - summons a 10x10 hive infront of the user, enemies inside will be attacked by 3 AI larvae that drains 3k chakra everytime they hit (if there is no chakra left, they will drain hp, is a cage so has to shunshin out to escape, drains 200/s users chakra to keep it up like ice mirrors)

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