uzumaki rework/upgrade:

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PASSIVE: Fast Recovery = you take halved damage from poison/burn/bleed and Katon: Tenrou, also making them lasts half the duration
1. Kibakuin - charging special chakra in their hands, when punching they will leave an exploding chakra seal on the ground infront of them or on targets hit (can be stacked on same spot or target, use explode verb to detonate), is rigged to exlode in 3x3 doing 1/4th the users nin dmg (100/s chakra, mark stays till exploded or target or user dies. Max 5 seals, if a 6th one is made the 1st one auto explodes and so on)
2. Kongou Fuusa - user shoots controllable chakra chain that has dense trail (getting hit will seal targets jutsus for a duration, seal duration = 250 gen = 1 sec)
3. Kongou Gekiryuu - as is
4. Kongou Kekkai - as is
5. Fuuinryoku - slows handseals and doubles chakra costs of target for 1 min (3x3 aoe)
6. Kyuuinfu - for the next 15 sec target will lose 1% of their chakra every second if hit by jutsu (3x3 aoe)
7. Rikujouin - as is (but make it so it cant pull players through walls)
8. Rikudou Chakra Mode (secret req) - Boosts users nin/tai/gen by 1.5x, gives a yellow chakra cloak that reduces damage taken by 20% and a passive 150/s chakra regeneration (lasts till user deactivates, 1 min CD after deactivated)
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