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=Puppeter profession 2 schools upgrade=

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When a player picks the puppet profession and opens skill tree they have to choose between "Black arts"  or "White Arts"

Puppets of the black arts can now also be moved by clicking (like a controllable, but attacks on collision)
All puppets will return to the players inventory when killed (like Pet dog, and they would need to be repaired by the user with a "Repair Puppet" verb)
(repairing a puppet takes 10/30 sec for black/white puppet arts, can do it while moving)

White Arts Puppets: High hp (75K), higher damage, same system as current path control, slow to heal

Black Arts Puppets: low hp (25K), low damage, all jutsus poison, moves with click, fast to heal

1st School Secret White Puppet Arts: "More durable puppets (75k hp) but harder to control" gets the 10 puppets of chikamatsu (can be summoned seperatly to be used)
1. Summon Puppet (will give the player the puppets and "repair puppet" verb when this skill is obtained)
2. Soushuujin -  The user summmons 5 clusters of kunais controled by chakra strings infront of them, clicking anywhere on the map will fire 1 cluster to that location
3. Kikou Junbu - 1 tile frontal shield
4. Shirohigi: Jikki Chikamatsu no Shuu - The user summons the Chikamatsus 10 puppets infront of them allowing them a varity of defensive and offensive moves (when any of the jutsus bellow is used, the respective puppets appears on the same tile as the user, 100/s chakra drain, 10% damage increase and damage reduction, needs to be activated for the puppet jutsus to be used)
          - Kaiten Kugutsu - Summons puppet 1 and 2 they roll around user and knockbacks anyone 1 tile near user (they protect user for 2 hits/knockbacks , then they disappear, they do 0.5x users tai when they knocks enemies back, lasts 1 min)
          - Kugutsu Touken combo -  Summons puppet 4, with it you can throw puppet 3 which turns into saw blade, it can be controlled 15 tiles before it returns, the controllable saw blade deals 1.5x users tai (controlable windmill shuriken)
          - Kugutsu Kami Shigure - Summons puppet 5 who has the ability to shoot cables from its head in wide a 3x5 area infront of it
          - Sanbou Kyuukai - Summons puppet 6,7 and 8 makes a vaccuum wave which deals 1.5x users nin and sucks ppl towards them
          - Daiken Kugutsu - Summons puppet 9 can attack with normal blades hurting anyone in 1 tile wide slash (side -> corner -> front -> corner -> side = area this attack hits, the slash does 1.5 the users tai)
          - Mouken Kugutsu - Summons puppet 10 to attack in a cone (1x3) infront of the user (the punch does 2x the users tai)
          - Ura Shirohigi: Jukki Uematsu no Shuu - your puppets dash to the spot where the target was when this jutsu was used

5. Souen: Hitomi Gokuu - The user hijacks the body of a player and controls them by connecting their own chakra string to the targets motor-nerves. (hidden, reqs figured out with Indigo)
          - Kugutsu: Haruchuugeki - makes your controlled target dash forward and slam the first target hit, 7 tiles dash damage

2nd School Secret Black Puppet Arts: "More brittle (25k hp) puppets but easier to control+ poison" gets Karasu, Kuroari, Sanshouou (can be summoned separately to be use)
1. Summon Puppet (will give the player the puppets and "repair puppet" verb when this skill is obtained)
2. Kugutsu Kawarimi - Swaps posistion with Karasu (if karasu isn't summoned, the user will teleport 5 tiles away invisible in a random direction and karasu will appear in their place summoned)
3. Needle barrage - Summons Karasu infront of you and makes it fire a barrage of needles from their mouth (3 tiles wide of 5 waves)
4. Ningyou yoroi (Hiruko style) - the user enters the hiruko puppet (changing the users attack into a 4 tiled attack, also blocking damage,based on half the users chakra, breaks once alll the extra hp is gone)
5. Kurohigi Kiki Ippatsu - the user traps their target in a puppet, then stabs them, causing damage and bleed (damage tai based, hold hp based on users chakra, needs to be within 5 tiles of the user or the capture puppet to cast on target)
6. Kurohigi: Sanshouou - the user hides inside their slamander puppet, unable to attack (3x3 shield, like ice dome)
7. Aka Higi: Hyakki no Soen - the user summons 2 clusters of 2x2 controlable puppets (will be 6 later on, +1 each rank like bugs, collision damage like bunshin)
8. create human puppet - the user creats a puppet from a player, using their stats 1x. (and special if they got 1, like IS) success rate based on targets % HP, if 100% = 0% success, if 50% = 50% success and so on (2 min CD) 

-/ Self Puppet Operation (non-clan only) - allows the player to talk to the Puppet Master NPC to turn themself into a Human-Puppet, giving them "Puppet Form" verb. 
In this form they take reducing physical damage by a 20%. (is also immune to status effects like bleed, poison, screw nerves)
           - fire stream - shoots a continuous 5 tile stream of fire in the direction user is facing doing DPS, 300/s chakra drain
           - water stream - shots a continuous 5 tile stream of water in the direction the user is facing doing DPS, 300/s chakra drain
           - Roped spear - shots a controllable roped spear with dense trail, 100 chakra drain for every step

==common puppet skills==
slash (causes bleed)(black arts also causes poison)
throw shuriken (black arts also causes poison)
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Puppet view- allow user to view puppet for better control, and efficent pupperty off screen tactic.
Hold tab, and use w a d s, to move the puppet you summon, second puppet t f h g, should have a tab lock button in game, when click your w a d s would be tabed, so you wouldnt have to overwrite your marco for said tab.

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