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Jashin changed into a "Special":

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PASSIVE: user gets 1 extra life from each kill with jashin curse (Max 3, revives to 75% of users max hp and chakra on death)

1. Blood Red Scythe - Gives the player a blood red scythe that causes bleed on hit, extends and retracts like chain sickle, hitting both ways (damage scales with taijutsu)
2. Kibin Giri - multi hit 7 tile forward dash (causes bleed)
3. Enkei - slashes in an aoe around the user that causes bleed
4. Shiji Hyouketsu - makes 3x3 circle, when user has collected someones blood and steps back into this circle, all damage will be transfered to the target (blood circle stays for 3 mins or until a new one is made, 30 CD to create a new one)
              + Automatically enters cursed ritual mode when user collects someones blood by walking on a blood stain

5. Ji Fushou (self harm) - differnt option (they all causes bleed, shared CD 5 sec) a tab pops up with these options when this jutsu is used
- stab heart 5% to succeed when target is under 50% hp = insta kill (if it fails it will just cause heavy bleed)
- stab hand - seals jutsu (as you need 2 hands to wave handseals) - target will not be able to use any jutsus for 15 sec (if the user chooses to stab hand again while under the previous effect, the target wont be able to punch as well for 15 sec)
- stab leg - limits movement - 50/50 to stab left/right leg, stabing left/right leg will make target unable to move in that direction (diags included) for 15 sec (if the user chooses to stab legs again, the target will be unable to move for 10 sec?)
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Strequiem here giving his Ideas for the Blood loving Jashin God

Basically  Similar to Shinari, here it goes.

Scythe Throw- Throws your scythe Toward your opponenets, similar fasion to zabuza  Kubikiribocho throw verb, after a few seconds you'll be able to attack with the blade again, causes bleed effect upon hit.

Sword Frenzye- A stationary  slash affect around the user, basically an AOE, that last 5seconds, with a 10second cd after use.

Pray to Lord Jashin- Enable a small tai boost 0.5x your tai, and have a attack speed increase with scythe on, last 15seconds, can go long if you continue to intake blood.

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