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wars would have 5 min preperation time (it would tell about war before hand)

in wars map wouldnt be normal one there would be specific map for wars on those map there would be war tent for each village as spawn for players
there would also be specific amount of respawns in wars after respawns used player would go into war spawn and
would be able spectate people from own village/allies
in war there would be certain capture points and those points would decide players spawn place
main village - war tent - war tent - war tent - main village
waters in map would be more like canyon than river so people cant get through em withouth bridges

there would be specific amount of respawns in wars after respawns used
player would go into war spawn and would be able spectate people from own village/allies
respawn start amount would be voted before war by everyone in war, in option there would be 1, 6, 10, 16, 20.
1 means really fast war and 20 would mean war that would last about hour if not more

in war every captured tent would give 2 extra respawn to everyone in village/org
if supply crate in main base is destroyed it would halve base respawn amount, if base amount were 20 it would drop into 10 (if under 10 respawns, it halves that amount)
when only 1 respawn destroying crate would do nothing

kages would be able to ally themself with other village (only 1) and when war is in ally villages would be able join aswell
(in great ninja war allies are nullified its all out war)

War Missions:
in war preperation time kage can give missions to squads or lone people in war
Kill Kage/leader
Kill certain person
Destroy certain Bridge (all bridges would be named)
Destroy Supply Crate
Capture certain area (all capture points would be named)
Defend own base
Defend certain capture point (all capture points would be named)
trap certain area (if explosive tags would be fixed) (tags and caltrops)

Capturing points:
to capture point you would need be 1 tile close to it and it would take 30 seconds, capturing would be interrupted when enemy comes close
capturing enemy base would take 1 minute, and enemy players would get notified that their base is being captured

in war preperation time no one would know what war would be after prepare time up it would tell what type war it is (random)

Great Ninja War:
5 great villages fight each other (in this they can hire orgs to ally them)
Objective: kill everyone from other villages

Villages vs Organizations (2 sides villages and orgs within everyone would be allies each other)
all 5 great villages vs organizations fight each other

Normal War
kage/leader makes these wars, they can made only once per day

Kill Kage war
objective would be kill opponents kage/leader, after kage/leader dead war ends

Area War
objective: take over every area on map

Target war
objective: each side would get target, opponents mission is protect own target and kill enemy target

Extra experience - in wars exp from players would be extra high (like 10000 one level in other words if you kill 50 level player you get 500000 exp
Village reputation - in wars winner and exceptional fighters would gain village rep for their village
Player reputation - in wars for killing and doing other awards players get rep for both village and themselfs (also arena kill/death ratio would affect this)

60% of kills - 40 rep
40% of kills - 20 rep
0 deaths - 20 rep
Most kills - 20 rep
20% of kills - 15 rep
Destroy supply crate - 15 rep
War winner - 10 rep
10% of kills - 10 rep
5% of kills - 5 rep
Kill Kage - 5 rep
Capture point - 5 rep
Destroy bridge - 5 rep

Negative Reputation
War loser = -5 rep
Least kills = -5 rep
Lose Kage = -5 rep
Lose supply crate = -10 rep
0 kills = -10 rep

Warmonger: Starting War 10 times (village/org reduced rep)
War Hero: Awarded to the person who ends war (last kill)
No Rest: player hasnt rested and died throught the whole war
Evil Will Prevail: Evil Org winning a war (akat,ssm,sound) (raises org rep)
Victory is Ours: Village winning a war (raises village rep)
Reaper: get 1000 kills in during wars
Legendary Nin: get  50 rep during war
Legendary Sannin: one squad get  100 rep during war
good medic - this would be attained when medic has healed something like 100000 hp during wars
medic specalist - this would be attained when medic has healed something like 500000 hp during wars
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