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Update Indi's Update Log


Bug Fixes:
-Hachimon when you use second gate it uses all gates and kills you
-Hitori Omote Renge doesnt have own jutsu, it now works through Dynamic Entry, and bugs Dynamic when it does
-Konoha Shofuu doesnt do anything
-Clay profession stuff doesnt dissapear on restat
-Yoton moves dont dissapear on restat
-Snake Henchmen give 15 missing kills, orochimaru gives 10 missing kills
-Snake Henchmen say they give 8000 ryo but in truth they give 1000
-When you become Hunternin it says You Learned Jourou Senbon! while you dont
-orochimaru hair appears only blue (curse biji)
-Jinton says Jiton on jutsu list
-Teshi Sendan says Teshi Sandan
-deidara hair doesnt appear when chosen (not even color picker)
-shikamaru hair doesnt appear when chosen (not even color picker)
-Kuro Raiton Kuropansa didnt dissapear on restat
-Jiraiya hair coloring fixed
-Jashin stuff dont dissapear on restat
-Jashin stuff not gained till you level up even when you gain req
-bakuton doesnt dissapear on restat
-didnt say you learned yoton
-didnt say you learned futton
-didnt say you learned jinton
-you should have 2 points from start (you start as 1 lvl) or get 4 from first level
-you can see skill tree even if you arent genin
-NPC to give multi sharingan his sharingan implants missing
-snake henchmen icon turned into sound 5 icons
-added icon for shunshin
-if you use all your stat points in tutorial before asked, it bugs you
-Samurai clothes use SwordWorn which breaks swords
-movement speed changes aren't consistent
-Jukenpo: ichigekishin cooldown bugs after use so cant use more than once
-Shugohakke cant be turned off
-Byakugan doesnt automaticly come of when you die/ect walk out of spawn
-if you press gates after 8th gate is open it kills you
-if you die with gates boost goes but drain stays (also passive shunshin stays)
-if you stop gates manually the drain goes but boost stays
-All samurais swords say "You're Already Wearing A Katana!" when you arent, makes samurais useless since all their moves need sword
-if you use IS with chakra lower than chakra drain, IS will stay on forever
-Asa kujaku can be spammed
-Sage Mode can be used with gates on.
-if you get to 100 lvl before getting A rank your fucked (no signature jutsu at all xDDD)

System Changes:
-Changed spy locate cost from 5000 to 1000
-Changed barbers costs hair to 1000, eye color to 500 and skin color to 2000
-Changed genins req to 3 kawarimi/henge and bunshin uses instead of 10
-if bald remove hair overlay
-iron missions added (Hidden Scroll, Kage and investigation)
-added spy information verb
-spawns into random beds
-smoke bomb added

Jutsu Changes:
-obito techs not able to walk on ANULL
-2k for each ido use, 1k for summon and 500/s for yokeru, yokeru no longer passes through everything
-Custom Jutsus Cooldown time each point drops by 2 instead of 1
-Custom Jutsus Chakra Cost each point drops by 500 instead of 100
-Suikoudan damage dropped 0.02x first level and 0.05x last level
-give mushidama, shoton freeze and kaguya freeze more hp/hits (now its hp is double of users stat)
-Ura Renge damage changed from 2x tai to 1x tai
-Mizudeppou level 4 and 5 damage changed to 1x
-Jigokuzuki add 2 tile punch on first level
-Raiton Gian speed increased
-Raiton Chidori Senbon speed increased
-Caltrops slowtime decreased
-Hibashiri damages lvl 1 = 0.5, lvl 2 and 3 0.75, lvl 4 and 5 1x
-Tsumabeni does 1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.5 main hit, and side hits 0.1x of main dmg
-Suikoudan does 0.1, 0.2, 0.3, 0.4, 0.5 main hit, and side hits 0.1x of main dmg
-Halved Kunai and Shuriken Damages
-Halved the gates hp drains
-gave each gate their own tai req
-lowered some fuuin proff costs
-increased reqs for tai expert gates and renges
Removed Handsigns on following moves:
Mizukagami no handsigns
Shunshin no handsigns
Domu no handsigns
Tenrou no handsigns
Jigokuzuki no handsigns
Hiraishin no handsigns
Taigyoku no handsigns
Netsugen no handsigns
Kouha no handsigns
Kamikaze no handsigns
Changed Chakra Costs on following moves:
Endan: 250,400,500,600,750
Goukakyuu: 200,300,500,700,800
Hitora: 300,400,650,750,850
Tsumabeni: 500,600,750,900,1000
Tenrou: 250,300,350,400,450
Teppoudama: 250,300,450,500,550
Suikoudan: 200,400,600,800,1000
Taiga: 300,500,700,900,1100
Kengan: 10,20,30,40,50
Domu: 20,40,60,80,100
Gian: 200,400,500,900,1000
Senbon: 200,400,600,800,900
Rairyuu: 400,800,1200,1600,2000
Jigokuzuki: 10,20,30,40,50
Hiraishin: 5,10,15,20,25
Denpou: 200,400,600,800,1200
Raiden: 50,100,150,200,250
Kouha: 10,20,30,40,50
Fuusoku: 750,1000,1250,1500,1750

Jinton Genkai Hakuri 2500 chakra cost
Shoton Isshi Komyo 2000 chakra cost
Yoton Yokai 3000 chakra cost
Yoton Kazangan Gusoku 1000 chakra cost and 200 chakra drain
Futton Komu 2000 chakra cost
Meiton Kyuketsuko chakra cost 2500 and 200 chakra drain
Izanagi chakra cost down from 6000 into 3000 (with mokuton 1000)

Kage bunshin 500 chakra cost
Tajuu kage bunshin into 2500 chakra cost

Map Changes:
-Added mist in mountains
-Added oasises in Desert
-Fixed map bugs
-Iron Country Added
-Hawk base
-Orochimaru bossroom floor changed
-All org bases entrances hidden better
[Image: Indigo-ItachiSig.png]


Adjusted Shunpo Cooldown
When in Buke Zukuri Iaido Shissou is 7 tiles long instead of 5
Added Jyuuken to Hyuugas
Added Shikyaku to Inuzukas
Fixed Orochimarus walls, so NPCs stop getting stuck on them
Fixed Hanzos Walls, so NPCs stop getting stuck on them
Signature jutsu chakra cost be turned into 100 if its below that
Fixed Tutorial Making it so you cannot do anything before you talk to iruka
Fixed Skip bug, where if you said no you would freeze, now you get sent to tutorial normally
gave trap puppets trap hp, so it isnt broken out with such ease
Added Critter mission the 15 kills needed
Added Hawk Hideout Scroll Mission
Gave Sensei new command, it takes all your custom scrolls and gives 1 back
Added more critters to Rock and Iron Countries
Made spy give coords along with location, also spy now shows targets screen for 5 seconds
Adjusted Gates Boosts
1st gate: 1.1x
2nd gate: heals 1/10th of hp
3rd gate: 1.2x
4th gate: 1.3x
5th gate: 1.4x and increases range of hitori omote from 7 to 10 tiles, and dynamic entry from 5 to 7 tiles
6th gate: gives passive shunshin
7th gate: 1.5x
8th gate 2x, this cannot be closed, once you open it you die
[Image: Indigo-ItachiSig.png]


Hakke Hasangeki damage lowered to 0.6x tai
Hakke Kuushou damage lowered to 0.5x tai
Tsutenkyaku damage lowered to 0.5x tai
Yanagi damage lowered to 0.6x tai, in karamatsu into 1x
Decreased Windmill shurikens cost from 2000 into 500
lowered price and increased damage on exploding tag also allowed user to carry 100 of them
increased Jikukan Kekkai livetime from 4 seconds to 40 seconds and decreased its cost to 1000 chakra
increased satetsu kaiho chakra cost to 1500 and lowered its damage into 1.4x nin
changed doryuusou damages into lvl1 1x -> lvl3 1.25x and lvl5 1.5x
changed doryuudan damages into lvl1 0.25 -> lvl2 0.5 -> lvl4 0.75 and lvl5 1x
decreased asa kujaku damage into 1.5x
increased afternoon tiger damage into 1x
changed puppet fusion costs, Jinton into 2500, ranton into 2400, Shoton into 2000
made mangekyou take 3 minutes of full use to become fully blind and made it to heal your sight fully in about 15 mins of sharingan being off
took off taijutsu boost from sharingan, gave 3 tomoe 1.1x boost on nin and gen
gave shisui mangekyou, moved shisui manipulation into mangekyou
lowered amaterasu damage to 2x
increase illuminate time from 3 seconds to 10 seconds
removed all random sharingan types
added obito sharingan type with mangekyou, gave it 1% chance on character creation
made ido dimension bigger and made ido not work on npcs
Made Obito Npc, when ido is used made it to infrom one that obito exists there to get him out
changed ido cost to 1000 and yokeru drain to 300
added Izanagi for Uchihas, saves users hp, when used again it returns hp to that same point, but reduces users screensize
fixed mangekyou and hatake drain going into negs
added few cloth icons into shop, also added weights that will increase exp gain
kage clothes added along with ANBU suit and masks for leaf and sand
added clan clothes
added chakra drain into byakugan
fixed fuuton and suiton elements getting ranton
[Image: Indigo-ItachiSig.png]


made shofuu not break crit rate and made it work on jashin/chakra blades/tanto
fixed walls in academies
fixed tablet room left wall density
fixed people getting chuunin as 14 lvl
made dogs stats update on levelup and relog
increased chakra gain per level
fixed weapons being bugged when you run out of them
made nara shadows not useable when resting or frozen
lowered boost given by akimichi last pill to 2.2x
raised damage of dynamic entry
lowered shishienjin cost and made it not freeze
fixed skill trees showing specials/fusions/extensions
improved sensei Rescroll, now it checks if you have scroll and gives same amount back
made you rank up with personal reputation along with kills
improved multisharingans izanagi
deleted dog.levelup from dog death
fixed dodge rate and crit rate messing up (going into negs)
added kill pill that drop from NPCs
added pills to chef vendor
[Image: Indigo-ItachiSig.png]


modified bleed damage from maxhealth/100 into maxhealth/300
modified bleed chances in SSM swords (nerfed nuibari quite alot)
edited clay stuff, increased explosion ranges, gave them more clay to use ect
removed handsigns from jiton jiryoku and gekitai
hopefully increased lifetime of everything in jiroku
increased lifetime of jishaku and chibi jishaku
nerfed the time bubble blind and slime last
nerfed poison damage in iron sand
made iron sand slower
remade uchiha izanagi
[Image: Indigo-ItachiSig.png]


Made afk killing not possible
made you unable to use jutsus or move in afk
lessened damage of jinton and ranton
made hyouton mirrors not useable on mobs
made you not able to rest while using hyouton mirrors
made game save whenever you choose something on event shop
fixed bug where when you change elements you couldnt get fusion
decreased single mirrors cost from 250 to 50
increased big mirror drain from 50 to 150
made zabuza swords mastery into 50 sword kills
[Image: Indigo-ItachiSig.png]


Fixed bleed slowing handsigns
Fixed Tenrou lasting forever
Increased rock lee hp to 12k
Made kage invited person straight jounin
Made starter guide ingame to look like official starter guide on forums
updated ingames update log

Base Damages added for ninjutsus
Housenka - 1000 base dmg
Goukakyuu - 3000 base dmg
Hitora - 500 base dmg
Endan - 2000 base dmg
Mizudeppou - 1000 base dmg
Daipakufu - 500 base dmg
Mizurappa - 3000 base dmg
Teppoudama - 1500 base dmg
Taiga - 500 base dmg
Doryuudan - 500 base dmg
Dango - 1500 base dmg
Senbon - 2000 base dmg
Gian - 2000 base dmg
Raiden - 2500 base dmg
Kamikaze - 500 base dmg
Juha Shou - 1000 base dmg
Daitoppa - 500 base dmg
Tatsu - 1500 base dmg

Readding fixes that were lost
Fixed genin test not available again until relog
Stopped Jyuuken breaking crit rate
made pill cooldown go away on death'
made big bang end on death
made it start healing mangekyo blind after death
made it take moves Yokeru, Ido, IdoSummon, ShisuiGen, ShisuiShunshin on death
remade mangekyo req, fixed mangekyo not lasting
remade EMS req
gave uchiha rinnegan req
made it so if your sharingan is awakened as 2 tomoe you get 35 uses from start
added uchiha izanagi reviving from death if chakra
made jashin chance of revival lower after each consecutive revive
made it so kamui cant be used unless your screen is your own
made it so cant rest and shunshin, nor shunshin when screen is not your own
made iron sand move slower
made jikukan kekkai last longer
made magnet repel last longer
made suikoudan not hit so fast
lessened yoton burn damage from half to 10th
lessened bubble slime and blind time from 1x damage to 10th of it
stopped fuuton/suiton giving ranton
added clan suits back
gave hawk its own name color
added mangekyou blind heal
made it so you cant check on medic if you have multi sharingan
made it so you cant speak to medic from distance
made it so you cant speak to spy from distance
changed explosive tag cost to 300 and windmill shuriken into 500
made it so you can hold 50 tags instead of 10
increased exp of mobs
changed samurai rank from jounin to village ninja
gave ANBU suits back to leaf and sand ANBUs
lessened tsumabeni chakra costs
fixed dogs not spawning
fixed dogs stats update frequently and correctly
made it so you cant call dog unless it has over half of its hp
made jashin circle drain less hp
made it so when special is awakened it shows up (rinnegan, sharingans) regardless of rank
[Image: Indigo-ItachiSig.png]


made sensei need only 1 of each base use to get genin
check tenrou again
null trait
make it announce to world whenever someone joins event
make it tell newly created uchihas about tablet
delete character name from name list when character is deleted
made it not say you learn kai as chuunin and changed it to genin
kage invite doesnt change spawnpoint
mangekyou dissapearing after relog
[Image: Indigo-ItachiSig.png]


inuzuka dog uber stats
sharingan copy dissapearing until MS
prodigy not properly getting stuff genin gets
movement speed fixed when 50 points in speed
fixed admins and co owners messing who list
mizudeppou coming out of weird places when hitting density
added color into "[name] joined the [event]." text
boosted blast control proff to take half damage from tags and deal 2x dmg with tags
upped exploding tags damage to 5000 and range to 3 tiles, increased tags price to 750 and hold amount to 50
added squad texts for organizations
fixed kill random player mission having acad students and other low levels on it
hopefully made dodgeballs respawn in 10 seconds of being idle
fixed clan skill tree tutorial mission for no clans
fixed drug dealer trait to effect all the pills not just akimichi
[Image: Indigo-ItachiSig.png]


fixed tutorial quest talk to sensei bugging
fixed kage shuriken on weapon specialist
added weapon specialist passive, he now gets 3x the amount he buys
made feudal lord event map
gave myself and biji more POWER!!!
fixed it saying "has killed dosu kinata"
tweeked sand control special numbers abit
increased effect distance of party member getting exp
[Image: Indigo-ItachiSig.png]

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