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FFXIV: What improvements would you like to see with the bard performance mode?

The best music system I've seen in FFXIV by far was archage, where you write the notes on a paper, and your character play it, and it was still possible to play 2 notes at the same time (I don't remember if it depending on the instrument).

The only issues were that I needed to have inventory space to carry the music papers, and there was a very short limit on how many notes could be put on these papers, and even if you wrote the music on two pieces of paper, there was a cooldown of a few seconds for that could start the next.

Perhaps with the resolution of these problems and the implementation of this system, we have the resolution for the bard music player. Well-known program and already mentioned in topics around here on the forum.

PS: Has anyone seen me writing that I want old music method deletion? No? So before anyone says they prefer the old one, I never wrote that this one was supposed to be deleted from the game.

CHORDS, please give us chords, alot of the songs i make have chords, and everytime i have to adjust them to a single melody line to play with.

More octaves, yep, i know that we can adjust the songs to play only there, but more could be better tbh.

A decent soundfont, the piano sounds soooo bad, the harp sounds more than a piano that the piano itself, the violin better not talking about it...

For musical instruments, i would love a pipe organ, idk how it would be implemented, BUT i need that...

Voices, would be cool to be a singer too

Maybe a music sheet function? to write manually all the notes, so it could be played itself (WINK WINK if you know of what im talking about here)

Hey, just doing my once every five years check in boys.
Hope all is well.
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